Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where did October go?

I feel like October has been a month full of Halloween parties- and I don't even like Halloween!

"Is it Halloween yet?!"  Luke asked that all month basically.  We have had Luke's Fall Festival party at his school October 13th, dress up on Oct. 16th, Conner Prairie last week,  Ne-Ne & Pop-Pop's Halloween party the 24th, Sunday the 25th  at Nicole's for Emma's b-day, a night at the Children's Museum and then it  was FINALLY Halloween!!  No wonder Luke was confused. 

He's a Ninja and it is awesome.  The girls are the Purdue University All-American Marching band Silver Twins!!  But they all have skeleton PJ's they have worn as well.  So we alternate.  They are all so cute!

The girls are now 19 months and full on trying to communicate.  Little walkers, runners, head shakers, no! no!, go! go!, ball!  Dog! Uh-oh! Great little helpers getting things and love to try to put on their clothes & shoes.   They have not been sleeping well, but I think it's the growth spurt they are going thru and teething.    We had their 18 month apt and Dr. Moore said they are just perfect!

23.65 lbs    - 32%
31.5 inches - 31%
45.7 cm head- 21%

24.1 lbs         -39%
32.25 inches- 54%
46.7 cm head - 48%

Pretty much even with everything though I do feel Riley talks more clearly.  They love each other and they love their brother.  And we of course love them.  :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We are more and more settled everyday.   The kids love all the space and everything our neighborhood has to offer.  We only went to the pool once - and that was hectic- daddy with Luke in the big pool going down the slide and me with the girls in the baby pool on floaty things.  They all loved it.  But less than an hour was perfect.
We have a great park we like to go play at and now the tennis courts are a big hit.  We can cage them all in, bring some balls & Frisbees, and they go wild.  Luke really loves the Frisbee disc course at the park as well.  He is getting pretty good.  He & daddy take golf cart rides and get a few holes in now and then.
The girls have been great sleepers but must be teething b/c the last couple of weeks they have been waking up. It was rough over the weekend staying at grandma & grandpa's for the night, but we got through it.
Luke has been needing us to lie down with him for a while, which makes for not a lot getting done but I wouldn't trade his sweet voice and bedtime stories for anything. 
Sisters are sooooo good at getting toys, clothes, diapers- you name it!- when you ask.  I notice that Riley is more of the peacemaker.  If she sees Vivian or Luke upset, she comes over with a toy to help.  She's the sharer.  Vivian gets so mad and upset, while Riley is much more chill. 
They both are very patient when it comes to dinner time (usually).  Maybe because they are use to not getting 100% of our attention at the drop of a hat. 
They have a little car that Riley likes to push Vivian in.  And Vivian lets go and has the biggest smile on her face as Riley pushes her around - fast.  Sometimes I'm a little worried they are going to crash right into the wall, but so far, so good ;)  
Such good kids!  Almost 18 months old.  Unbelievable.  They are getting close saying more words everyday.  They are both really good at 'Doooog' and "Ma!' and 'night-night' and 'all done'.   They do great 'Mu-awh!'s when they blow kisses, too. 
Everyday is pretty awesome and amazing to think I have 3 children.  Better than my wildest dreams!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer 2015

I wrote this last week and just now publishing! Tomorrow we close on the new house!!!!  And we move in this weekend!!

But here is the post:

So much going on this summer, it's been hard to catch my breathe.  With 2 very active girls and a big, energetic big brother, sometimes I need it to slow down a bit.
We have officially (closed) sold our Broad Ripple house and now our new house is almost done.  In fact, we go today for the walk through and close next Friday.  Wowzers!!!  It seemed so long ago in May when we began this process, yet it also seems like it was just yesterday.   I know we are all looking forward to the new, big, space, the parks, the trails, the yard, the garage!!  But it's a little sad to leave the house I've been in for the last 14 years.  And the convenience of walking wherever and dropping by and seeing friends in a split second.  It's a new adventure, though, and it will be probably even better than I can imagine.

We told Luke's TBDC when his last day was and it was very sad for me.  He loves Ms. Donna and I really like Ms. Stephanie the director.  Plus our 'Good morning Ms. Melinda' wave is something he looks forward to.  He has done so many great things and it's so fun to see him so eager to learn and please.  We will miss them very much.  But that said, we found a new school up by our offices that I feel he will love just as much. It will just be an adjustment, more for me than him, I'm sure.  Kids are so resilient and we are lucky he is so happy and makes friends easily.  The girls will continue to stay at Pam's until they are ready for bigger and better things. I think we might move them earlier than we did Luke.  They, too, will thrive when the time is right. 

Speaking of the girls, they are just so darn funny and silly.  Silly sisters we call them.  They love to help you put things away, give you the remote, give their graham cracker to their other sister, or help wherever they can.  They must be going through a growth spurt because they are not sleeping as well as usual.

Luke equates the new house with a marble game.  Basically Raya & Charlie and Max & Luke have the same marble games, and new houses, and he must assume he is getting one because we are getting a new house.  So, I will have one for him in his room when it's ready!   And he has helped me with his shower curtain and bathroom.  Can't wait!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A gift from God

Everyday we drive by the Broad Ripple United Methodist Church and they have a weekly saying on their sign out front.  I always like to read it to Luke.  This week's is "You are a gift from God to the world'.  He usually just giggles and then we keep talking about whatever we are talking about.  Well after about 3 days of me saying 'Luke, you are a gift from God to the world' today he said 'No, mommy, you are!'  And that melted my heart. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Almost 15 months....

The girls had their 15 month check up Tuesday June, 23rd  and they are doing awesome!! Such happy girls!  Except when getting prodded.  

Riley : 
weight: 21.34 lbs - 28 %
Length: 29.25 inches - 37%
Head:  45.20 cm 31%

Weight: 21.59 lbs - 32%
Length 30 inches - 39%
Head:  46.20 cm  - 61%

Walking, blabbing, but no real words, besides 'oh!'  ma-ma- da-da ball ....

Very good eaters, lots of cheese, turkey, fruit, cottage cheese, apple sauce, veggies.  Great with sippy cups, trying to  get rid of their night time bottle, trying to use spoons....

Sweet and funny.  They go bonkers fighting over the see-n-say but other than that, just like to explore around and play with Luke's cars.

They can give high fives, blow kisses, turn on the light switches.

They are genuinely so excited to see Luke when we pick him up from TeddyBear.   All smiles.  And he still is a great big brother.

He goes through his threenager days of 'I don't want to brush my teeth and wash my face!' and the next day it's no problem. Just never know what you will get.  But at his sweetest, it really is the sweetest thing.  The unprompted 'I love you, mom'.   And I want to give you a kiss. 

We had the pleasure of attending Gretchen's wedding and everyone amazed when they were sitting at the table and being 'good'.  It just is them and it's no secret / tricks.    We all have our moments, but thinking the good far outweigh the bad.

I look forward to our next adventure in the new house and the room to play and be together.  They are all terrific!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Things I don't want to forget Friday...

Luke can now tell the girls apart!  I noticed last week he was calling them by their correct names and I couldn't tell if it was fluke or not.  So I said 'Luke, which sister is that?' And he correctly said Riley.  So later I tried again "Luke, which sister is that?" Again, he was correct in saying Vivian.  So I asked him how he knew and he said "Vivian has a square head like you mommy.  Riley has round head like me."  I don't see the square head he is talking about, but Riley's is much rounder, so we'll go for it.  And whatever works, works. I do catch him every now and then saying 'Square head took my toy' - which I can't help but chuckle.

Riley is taking steps!!! She is so proud of herself and doing a great job.  Maybe 5 or so at a time, but definitely gaining her confidence.

Vivian is not too far behind.  She was the first to crawl and use the walker but feel like one day she will just pop up and do it.  But so far,  she's content using the walker and cruising along the furniture.  And of course, they still use their popular tri-pod method of getting around.

Vivian had her post-ear check up and finally her ear infection is gone.  And she was able to finally get her 1 year shots.  She's been in such a good mood and her little mischievous smile is way too cute.  And man, does she laugh and give you funny looks, and shakes her head to be silly. 

Luke has been doing awesome at TeddyBear Daycare.  He tells me about his day, though whenever I ask about what he had for lunch, he's like 'nothing' though everyday on his progress report he has eaten all of it :) He's making friends and usually excited in the morning to get ready and to go there. Usually. He's been 'happy, cooperative, & helpful', sleeps during rest time, and learning new things.  We had a great day at Mommy & Me Tea Day for Mother's Day weekend. 

We survived our 1/2 week without daddy while he was in Vegas for TUG.

I took the girls to Gretchen's bridal shower and Luke when w/the Carlyles to the Tripp & Tagg's baseball games.  Then they watched them that evening for the bachelorette party.   We all had fun!

This Memorial Day weekend we are going to the Kincaids, Mroz', & Habels.  On Sunday, we will be celebrating Claire's 11th birthday!! So hard to believe!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Things I don't want to forget Friday....

- Luke loves to sing Kelly Clarkson's Heartbeat song.  So cute!  That is, of course, when he is not singing UpTown Funk.  He loooooooves that song.  Sisters are getting rhythm and love to bounce and dance when we are all being silly and singing & dancing to it, too.

-Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is Luke's favorite movie now.   Except he thinks Johnny Depp is a girl.  We have probably seen it a thousand times. 

-  Girls are really playing with each other and love to make each other giggle.  It's the sweetest thing.  Although sometimes playing together consists of taking the toy from the other and leaving the other one in tears.

-Luke starts pre-school May 4th!!  Looking forward to the great strides he'll make.  He's definitely ready.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One year old check ups!

The girls had their one year appointment Friday, April 10th.

They truly are squatty bodies!!

Riley:                                                                      Vivian:
20 lbs. 2 oz   33%                                                  20 lbs 2 oz   33%
28 1/4 in       21%                                                   28 3/4 in      34%
44.1              20%                                                   44.6    -        33%

No wonder they seem so 'little' - more like babies than toddlers.  But thankfully no need for concern.  They both pull themselves up, crawl super fast, do ok with the sippy cup,  sleep awesome.  Vivian cruises more around the couch and coffee table, while Riley just is more content pulling up and hanging out.  Riley is the needier one though- soon as she sees me she wants to be picked up and has a hard time when I have to put her down. And that's ok.  I want nothing more than to cuddle on these babies.  They are getting too big, too fast.   Vivian is happier to see me, say what's up, and then keep on her merry little way. Vivian is also using the walking toy to walk around from living room to kitchen.  So I feel like she will be our first walker.  She gets more confident every day with it.
Riley is starting to show more interest in the walking toy, but not as much as V.

I felt so bad that Vivian had a double ear infection! She showed ZERO signs of it.  So she was unable to get her first year shots.  She goes back on the 28th to make sure her infection is gone (she's been on amoxicillin) and get her shots.

Riley was great with her shots.  She cried at first, then we did cuddles, then was fine.   We go back for their 15 month appointments next

We then all went to the International Pancake house for breakfast. They were sleepy tho. 

Their little personalities keep coming out, too-  Vivian the risk taker and Riley Ms. Cautious. Who knows how that will be in a few more months!! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow down, time.

It's going way too fast.  These sweet, happy, clappy, little baby girls are about to be 11 months old!! They love to try to pull up/stand, but are very, very fast just crawling now.  Love the toys that light up and play music - the hippo & balls toys and Luke's old work bench.  They are actually quite happy just banging one toy on another.  Or sometimes banging it on their sister :)
They are getting to be good eaters- veggies, puffs, blueberries, strawberries....sometimes more on the floor than themselves, but not too bad.  Still 4 bottles a day.  Doing well with sippy cups of water. Still going to bed by 7:30 and sleeping through the night.  They both have their bottom 2 teeth, and 4 top teeth, and looks like more are ready but they are not cranky thankfully. 
We booked their first birthday party at BounceU with all the cousins and Jacob.  So it should be a blast- not necessarily for them but for Luke (and Raya, Charlie, Ruby....)!
In anything from 6 month clothes to 12 months clothes.  Their sweet little fake Uggs still don't fit their little feet nor do their skidder like socks that are size 6 months. 
Potty training Luke.  He's doing great but I am just soooooo ready to be over it.  He uses it at home and wears his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle undies at home but sometimes he just wants to wear his diapers and we just haven't sent him in undies to Pam's yet.  Dang it.  He's doing good though! 
He is so funny and could play & play & play.  But he also likes his downtime to watch movies and snuggle.  Man he is the sweetest thing.  We go to the dentist in a couple of weeks- I think he'll do great.  He will brush his teeth himself or sometimes he wants me too. 
Luke gets along great with his sisters, but sometimes he wants to take his toys into different rooms or on the bed so 'sisters can't get them'.  But overall, he's a great big brother and they are perfect little sisters.  Hope it stays that way!
A year ago was big, fat, pregnant and anxiously awaiting them, and now, it's like they have always been here!!  Can't see what the next month brings before they turn the BIG ONE!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Luke is 3!

What a day it is!  We've been celebrating the last 2 weekends - parties, Monster Truck Jam, cupcakes, ice cream- that today has finally arrived.  We sang happy birthday this morning to him with his cupcake & candles.  He's a sweet, sweet boy.  I can remember all those feelings of anticipation - not knowing if he's a boy or girl, healthy, everything.  I couldn't believe it was really (and finally!) happening!

Now he's here and he just makes everything better.  And it's like he's always been here. He really was meant to be and is our Dream Weaver come true :)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't want to forget Friday!

It's our last Friday as Luke as a 2 year old!  He turns 3 next Wednesday.   Blows me away.
He had gone through a rough patch at night, but seems to be getting better and back to his sweet ways.  He still does not like 'to get ready' in the morning - he wants to just stay home.  Even if we are going somewhere fun. 

Last weekend we had his birthday party at Grandma Fellure's with the other January and February birthdays.  He loves to sing Happy Birthday!  And he loves to eat just icing off of the cupcakes.

The girls are as sweet as can be. Vivian is a fast crawler and goes all over the house.  Riley is content to just sit there, crawl a bit, and then keep playing.  I do notice they are getting a little more aggressive with each other when they are playing- banging the toy on the other sister, taking it away, climbing on each other.  Usually one ends up in tears but nothing too bad yet. 

I catch Vivian doing the 'tri-pod' - a crawl/walk thing that Luke used to do right before he started walking.  That makes me nervous! But very excited at the same time.  I try to get them to stand and cruise along the couch, but their little legs/feet just aren't ready.  But when one of them sees the other 'standing' they get a big smile on their face and act so proud of them.  It's really sweet.

Luke is going to the monster truck jam tomorrow with Daddy and Sunday we are having the Weavers over for his birthday.  It's been a long month of celebrations and it's still not even his birthday yet!   He's majorly into cars, guns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, puzzles....and trying to go on the potty.  He will do both on it, just not consistently.  Looking forward to the day he's out of diapers!!

But he does the sweetest 'I love you, Mommy' and 'I want you to snuggle with me' and he's really good about 'hey sister, do you want me to feed you?  Do you want to play? '  His little voice is so darn sweet. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014

Happy New Year!!

What an exciting year 2014 was and looking forward to see what 2015 has in store for us!  Thankful for all the blessings.  I still can't believe I was pregnant a year ago with twins and didn't know what to expect. And to know they made it here, full-term, safely, and they are girls still leaves me giddy.  My cup runneth over.  And to watch Luke grow up into such a sweet, loving boy - it's amazing. 

The girls turned 9 months old on New Year's Eve.   Backward crawling, playing with toys, sitting and rolling around.  Oh, the life of a baby.  Such happy girls- always wake up with a smile on their faces. 

Had their check up yesterday - here are the stats:

Riley -  weight: 19 lbs 8 oz  - 53%
            length:  27 3/4 - 54%
             head:  43.7 cm  - 39%

Vivian- weight: 19.35 lbs - 58%
              length: 28 inc- 62%
              head:  43.3 cm- 28 %

Little peanut heads!  4 bottles of 7 oz and an occasional meal, but I need to increase that.  They are still great sleepers.  7:30 ish is bed time and don't wake up until 6:45ish. 

Both of them have their 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth and working on some more.  Feel like Vivian might be the one who gets in a little trouble.  She's more mobile and seems up for anything.  Riley is a little more cautious and a little more sensitive around people.  Has the saddest sad face if she's sitting there and you walk away.  

They had a great first Christmas - didn't know what was going on but seemed to enjoy it!!  Actually we all had such a wonderful Christmas (except for Daddy who was super busy moving his company's office!) Weaver peanut butter ball making on Christmas Eve morning, Christmas Eve at my parents',  Christmas Day at my Grandma's,  day after Christmas @ the zoo with the Weavers, and Weaver Christmas Saturday the 27th!!  Man, it was exciting and fun celebrating with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Luke is AWESOME still with them and he's becoming quite the encourager and cheerleader:  "Mom, sister is crawling!!  Go sister!!! "   "Come here, sister!!  You wanna play??"   It's so sweet!!   He had a rough November, crankiness, not sleeping well, but he seems to be back on track.  He's so excited for his 3rd birthday!! He wants M&M's, cupcakes, and dinosaurs.  Pretty easy.