Thursday, January 18, 2018


18 days into 2018. 

Getting ready to celebrate this little buddy (and his January birthday buddies) birthday.  Hard to believe SIX short (kinda long, kinda scary) years ago this baby was in my belly and I had no clue who or what he/she would be!!  And now that he's been here it's still hard to imagine what he'll be like in the next 6 years and beyond. I love this boy.  He is so sweet.  Such a good student.  A great brother.  Good friend.  I just love him.  Thank God I'm yours is the Russell Dickens song and reminds me of my sweet Luke Russell.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Seriously it's almost 2018

I can't believe my last post was September. I guess that means we've just chugging along. 
Girls in October started Little Millers Preschool and it's been awesome.  Now our mornings can still be a struggle, but love having them all there at one place and the program rocks. 
I hated to say good bye to Goddard but it's been great watching them learn, going to the school every day.  And now I'm back full time.
Typical morning.
I get up 6:45, hit snooze, and get myself ready.  7:30ish  I wake up Luke and he starts getting ready.  Sometimes the girls get up on their own, sometimes they don't.  But he has his waffles or toaster strudels, brush teeth, wash face, and heads to the bus stop 8:06 ish.  Then I come back and the girls have either started to get ready or are just watching TV so we get ready as well.  Waffles are a staple, some morning wrestle them to do their teeth & face,  and then out the door we go.  We try to get to school by 8:30 but it's been cold and slo mo lately so it's been 8:45.  Riley at first had a rough start, but now she's so excited and is pretty good (typically) getting in and going to circle time.
These girls are becoming less and less baby and more and more big girl every day.  Their personalities are so similar but so different.  Riley loves all things princess and will wear her Elsa nightgown daily if allowed so.  Vivian is a little less girly and so good at coloring pictures.  They love to play babies, make forts, get silly. 
They had their first mani-pedi and it was so cute! We went to celebrate Raya's 7th birthday and wasn't sure if they'd like it or want to do it, but they did and they were sooooo good.
Luke finished 8 weeks of basketball at the RAM.  So fun.  Reid and Roman played.  It was good times! He is growing in kindergarten and love to hear and see his enthusiasm about school.
Getting ready for Christmas and love looking for Elfvis Shelfley everyday.  'Tis the season!
This year has flown by.  Next month I'll have a 6 year old!! That's a big boy!!! And girls are that much closer to 4, which I think was a super fun age with Luke (not so many tantrums), doing more activities, etc. So fingers crossed.  And fingers crossed they get to sleeping in their beds all night again! 
Right now they come into our bed and I'm too tired to take them back or deal with it. Here's hoping 2018 is a good, healthy, happy, and fun year!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3 year old check up- just now posting

This was done 03/31/17 @ Northpoint with Dr. Moore
Weight: 30 lbs 8 oz      46%
Height: 37.50 inches    63%
BMI:  15.2                    33%

Weight:  30lbs 11.2 oz   55%
Height:  37.75 inches     69%
BMI  15.1                      30%

Wordless Wednesday: That face!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

DNA confirmed: Identical

And let me tell you, I'm seriously shocked.  They look so different to me.  But the more I talked to the twins moms in my group who did the DNA testing kit, I thought I might as well try it.  That way I would know if they were fraternal or identical. I'm amazed by how many randoms will stop me and be like 'they must be identical' and I'd be like, no they are fraternal.  2 sacs/ 2 placentas di/di. about a less than 20% chance they would be identical.  Both girls are O+ .   But then I was like what the heck.  We ordered the kit, it came, we sent it back and found out results today.  It's funny how it makes me feel.  Like whoa.


Dear Mrs. Weaver:


Our laboratory has successfully completed your zygosity test and your test results have been mailed. Thank you for your interest in our zygosity testing services. As requested when you placed your order, we have included a copy of your test results in this email.



Robert Jackson, Business Manager


---- COPY OF TEST RESULTS #23293-170810 ----


We are pleased to report to you the results of the twin zygosity test that you requested. Analysis of the DNA indicates that Riley Adaline Weaver and Vivian Rose  Weaver  are monozygotic, or more commonly referred to as identical twins.


We first isolated DNA from cheek cells from the swab kits that were returned to our lab. We amplified the DNA using a technique called PCR. Next, we analyzed 15 standard DNA markers used in human identity (D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta-E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta-D, vWA, D8S1179, TPOX and FGA) and determined that the highly variable DNA markers were the same for both twins. Thus, there is greater than a 99.9% probability that the twins are monozygotic.


As stated in our testing Terms and Conditions, these test results are not qualified for any medical or legal purpose. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these test results.


Thank you for choosing Proactive Genetics.




Proactive Genetics, Inc.

149 Davis Road, Suite C

Augusta, GA 30907



~Zygosity Testing Specialists~