Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Oh my far they are on the nice list...but that can change on any given day.  Look at those cheese balls!!! LOVE them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We survived Halloween!!

My little swans and fire fighter!  It took some coaxing for them to finally put on their swan costumes, but so worth it.  Lots of sparkles on their face / toes/ and nails.  They were all really good walking the neighborhood, saying 'trick or treat' or 'happy Halloween!' The weather was absolutely gorgeous this year and then we also had fun heading  back home and letting Luke pass out the candy.  So many trick-or-treaters and so many cute costumes.  Halloween 2016 was a success!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2 1/2 year check up!

These silly girls are growing every day!  We just had their 2 1/2 year check up.  Only the flu shot and evaluations that these girls are right on track!

Riley Girl                                                                    Sweet Vivian
Height : 36 inches       53%                                         Height:  36 inches           53%
Weight:  28 lbs 3.2 oz 43%                                         Weight: 28 lbs 12.8 oz   50%

We had our first (and hopefully last) ER visit when Riley fell off the couch and hit her face on the column.  :(  she was a trooper but it was scary for mommy (and daddy, and sister, and brother...) and she had about 8 stitches on head and 3 on cheek.  Hoping they heal nicely.  It didn't star       

Overall they are really sweet girls but right now Riley has an ear infection - which would explain her constant whine-y whines.  And Vivian is very - me do by myself. Me no like.   It's a struggle.  But I like to see their independence but not so strongly at times. 

Big Brother has been awesome.  He finished Dillon Park Soccer and loved it. He was the fastest and most stamina on the team for 3-6 year olds and was a good listener most of the time. 


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Learning and loving every day!

Love getting pictures of the kiddos everyday they are at school.  They usually are having fun, looking silly, and learning.  So cute.  Our Fridays and Mondays have been fun doing things together and getting things done.  Each day I'm amazed how much girls are talking.  And their little bodies turning from babies to toddlers.  They can be sooooo sweet but can also have such a temper.  I mean, full on hair pulling and wrestling.  Not as much biting, so that's good. Vivian loves her purse, Riley loves to sometimes just take it because she can.  Vivian also loves Luke's shoes and wears them, while Riley is discovering socks.  We survived our first Purdue game and they actually got to see a win!  We had Ne-Ne's 65th birthday bash and listened to the band, danced, played, and had a blast.  We love going for bike rides and going to Luke's soccer practice.  He's such a good little listener and loves to play.  Fall is almost here but soaking up the nice weather around the neighborhood while we can.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, America!! 240 years!!

We had a great (long) 4th of July weekend!

Thursday night was the last concert of the season at our park and Tracey came into town from NC so she was able to join us!  She stayed the night and the next morning we got up at went to see Professor Watermelon at Goddard, then to Conner Prairie to see the new 4 story tree house.  So awesome!

Saturday we got up and went to Heritage Lake to hang out with the Arnolds, Stuckey, and even the Pittmans from Utah.  So it was fun!  Rainy/cloudy weather didn't stop Reid and Luke from wanting a boat ride or jumping in the lake.  It was nice because the girls, McKenzie, Addison, and Jens were all able to take a nap and we had a little more time to relax (if you can call it that). Long day, but fun.

Sunday went to Ruby's 4th birthday party!!  She is such a big girl.  She loves her unicorns, pink, and Finding Dory. 

Monday we went to North Willow to hang out with Carlyles and Weavers. They all swam despite the overcast/light rain.  We were only there a couple of hours but wore them out.  We didn't go anywhere to watch fireworks b/c the girls were in bed by 7:30 and Luke really didn't seem too interested b/c we had seen the Conner Prairie ones since Friday night from our bedroom window.  

Our little firecrackers!

Now we  are getting ready for our Lake Michigan vacation with the Weavers!! July 16-23 - Can't wait!! 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So far, so good!

We have only had one incident report (Riley biting Vivian - on day 2! ) and we seem to all be in a good routine.  So far, so good.   We've also been going to our pool, the splash pad,  the neighborhood concerts, saw Silly Safari's at school on our day off and balancing staying home and staying active. 
We celebrated Trey's birthday & HS graduation, Jude turned 2, Father's Day, our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It's been a busy June!

                                                                       Father's Day 2016

Luke loves to learn!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer 2016!

I have been with my company a long, long time.  I have been here 16 years, but actually 17 YEARS with Kirsten.  I wasn't quite ready to give it all the way up, but felt like I needed to to help me get a grip on the house, the kids, the work, the chores, just everything.  Never did I know part-time was an option, so found out it was, and jumped on it.  So now, I am part time.  I love the flexibility I have, the ability to get my own things done, Kirsten, the benefits, etc.  We still have a lot to figure out what we'll do come school time, etc. but for now, it's a good balance.  But this has only been the first week, we'll see how in reality it really shapes up.

We needed to get the girls in a more structured, learning environment.  Pam has been great for us for the last 4 years, but the girls needed more.  So with my new schedule, we take them to school with Luke Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday when I go to work, and then everyone is home with me Mondays & Fridays.  Yesterday was their first day - we received no less than a thousand pictures of them.  I loved getting them - just seeing them so happy learning, playing, having new experiences, that it was great.  They were two very, very tired little girls when we got home. 

Riley cheesing it up (hoping her biting will not be a problem!)

Vivian reading already : )

Recess got to see their big brother - he was so excited that they were going to school with him and showing everyone- 'hey these are my sisters!' 

We do the best we can for our kids. I think this is a good balance.   At least I hope so.  Eager to see how much this helps them (with talking, sharing, no biting) and what adventures await for us all! We are very lucky to be in this position and hope this is the best for them at this time in our lives.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Mom of the year!  Luke brought his McDonald's emoji's to show and share for school today.  Lol.
Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our two are two!!

We have made it another year with these 2 sweeties and it's amazing to see their feisty little personalities come out more and more each day.
And the words- I swear just this weekend they started talking waaaaaaaayyyyy more.  It's almost so clear sometimes I think it's Luke saying something, then I have to do a double take and it's one of the sisters!!
We just had their 2 year appointment on Monday April 11th - and they are good and right on track!  They were not having the weighing or the shots.  Poor girls!  lots of screaming and tears going on.  But it was a great appointment (despite that) because they are right on track and learning more each day.

Riley Adaline:                                                          Vivian Rose
Weight:  26.2 lbs       42%                                        26.6 lbs              48%
Length:  33.5 inches  28%                                        34 inches           52%
BMI:  16.41               50%                                        16.17                 43%

Mama, baby, where's Luke?  daddy truck, shhh...what's that?   Oh!   So cute to see them exploring the world around them and trying to figure out things.  As of now, Vivian is the daddy's girl.  She will say daddy daddy daddy until he acknowledges her.  Riley is the helpful big sister who will give her things to comfort others.  But at the same time, she's a little emotional and when she doesn't get her way or if you say no to her, she will either go in to the corner or lay down right then and there, suck her thumb and tune you out.  

We had a friends & family party at Wright's Gymnastics place and those kids ran and jumped all around.  Everyone slept well that night.  

Me two!  Me too!

Mmm...cupcakes after tears.



So exciting these last 2 years have been and can't wait to see the future of these girls! Love them more and more each day.     So pretty.  Pretty special, pretty smart, pretty sweet, pretty heart. xoxoxo

Friday, February 19, 2016

Luke is 4!!

Learning and growing each day!!

Luke had his 4 year check up on 02/12/2016
Weight:  36 lbs 12.8 oz  57%
Height:   41 inches         64%
BMI:  15.39                   41%

He grew 3 1/2 inches last year - right on schedule.  And gained 5 lbs.  How funny!!

Dr. Moore said he was a very sweet and smart boy. He was very talkative at the appointment and telling her about his monster truck birthday and that he got hungry, hungry hippos.    We need to get him some swim lessons and a helmet for spring when we start riding a bike.  And we need to get him to branch out and eat some more food.  Some days, he's a bottomless pit, other days hardly eats anything.  He actually had a start / end of a sinus infection, so got him some amoxicillin.  Had no idea! 

The "I love more than anything in the whole wide world"  at random times is great!! The I only want mommy to snuggle is sweet, but also taking a toll.  It's hard to get things done and I don't want him to sleep with me forever, but for now, me sleeping in bed with him until he falls asleep is fine.  I usually then wake up after awhile and go to my bed. But he is the sweetest.  He sleeps with his puppy dog, train blanket, and orange pillow.  And still pull-ups.  Hoping to break out of those sooner rather than later.

He really loves his sisters, though sometimes likes to tease them by taking things from them.  But his little voice of 'sister, will you snuggle with me?' is so darn sweet.  And they LOVE big brother.  Usually when I pick up the girls, Vivian's first thing is "Where's Luke?' and then we get to the van and she's like 'Luke!  There he is!"

We pray for Luke (and sisters) to grow big, strong, happy, and healthy.  And always be humble and kind.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

4 years old!!!

Four years of fun, adventure, tears, love, being scared.....all because of my goofball!
He's silly, sweet, moody, cautious, and mischievous, all at the same time.
He loves drawing, playing ball, making paper airplanes, teasing his sisters (who knew it began so early?), helping daddy in the workshop, helping mommy around the house, and just being a pretty darn good lovable boy.
"I love you more than anything in the whole wide world"  to the best boy I ever had!!
Faux-hawk looking cool

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I learned that from my 3 year old....

I can't jam to Eric Church's 'Three Year Old' in a couple of days, because I will have a FOUR year old!!  What a year!!

So much learning, too much Calliou watching, he's losing curls, we  love watching him become an awesome big brother, he's sweet, he's temperamental.  He's  Lukey Duke, Lukey, Luke Russell, Brother, whatever you want to call him, he's pretty awesome for sure.  We love you!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It's 2016!!!

We look back on what an awesome, challenging, year.

Luke turned 3, we survived our first year as parents to twins!!!, we finished a renovation, sold our BR house, built a beautiful home and moved to suburbs, turned one year closer to (gulp) 40,  switched schools for Luke, Matt was promoted, we suffered through another miserable Purdue football season, spent time with family & friends....whew!  I'm exhausted thinking about it.  But we made it. 

There was a time when the girls would be sick, or not sleeping well, Luke was in full threenager and it just wasn't a good time.  It was a very challenging for sure. I felt disconnected from myself, friends, and co-workers due to the lack of sleep, cold weather, and constant feeling of being overwhelmed.  I wasn't being a good mom, wife, friend, employee, you name it.  So I'm hopefully back on track.  And as a family we joined the Y to kick off 2016.  The girls are getting some more activity, Luke can learn / play new things, we get a work out in, and since the girls are back to being pretty good sleepers are now 21 months, we stay up a little later at night and feel a little more normal routine. 

We are so excited on what this year brings!  Here's to a healthy, happy, and safe new year.