Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our two are two!!

We have made it another year with these 2 sweeties and it's amazing to see their feisty little personalities come out more and more each day.
And the words- I swear just this weekend they started talking waaaaaaaayyyyy more.  It's almost so clear sometimes I think it's Luke saying something, then I have to do a double take and it's one of the sisters!!
We just had their 2 year appointment on Monday April 11th - and they are good and right on track!  They were not having the weighing or the shots.  Poor girls!  lots of screaming and tears going on.  But it was a great appointment (despite that) because they are right on track and learning more each day.

Riley Adaline:                                                          Vivian Rose
Weight:  26.2 lbs       42%                                        26.6 lbs              48%
Length:  33.5 inches  28%                                        34 inches           52%
BMI:  16.41               50%                                        16.17                 43%

Mama, baby, where's Luke?  daddy truck, shhh...what's that?   Oh!   So cute to see them exploring the world around them and trying to figure out things.  As of now, Vivian is the daddy's girl.  She will say daddy daddy daddy until he acknowledges her.  Riley is the helpful big sister who will give her things to comfort others.  But at the same time, she's a little emotional and when she doesn't get her way or if you say no to her, she will either go in to the corner or lay down right then and there, suck her thumb and tune you out.  

We had a friends & family party at Wright's Gymnastics place and those kids ran and jumped all around.  Everyone slept well that night.  

Me two!  Me too!

Mmm...cupcakes after tears.



So exciting these last 2 years have been and can't wait to see the future of these girls! Love them more and more each day.     So pretty.  Pretty special, pretty smart, pretty sweet, pretty heart. xoxoxo

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