Friday, September 19, 2014

He's all about that bass...

It's Friday!!

We've had a very good week.  Started a little rough with the girls not sleeping well Sunday & Monday nights (plus the Colts blew their MNF game) but I think it was just about teething. They are still as sweet and smiley as can be. 

Wednesday I took a half day with Luke and we went downtown to IUPUI to see the dentist (we are part of a study), played on the Circle, went to see Ian up in his office (where Luke was awesome, shooting baskets, talking to his assistant, in such a good mood!) and then walked in the mall/TJ Maxx for a treat for being such a good boy!!  We got home just as daddy & sisters did and walked to Kroger for groceries.  

He was so fun and talkative to the dentist.  I was worried! You never know what you might get with a 2 1/2 year old. He was a little timid at first but they gave him a Cars ball and he was perfect.  And then just talked away and opened wide when asked by the dentist.  So darn cute.  And everyone LOVES his curls!!

The Circle & Downtown
Last night we went to Costco and he was such a good help and we ran into Megan & Cami!  He gave Megan a big hug when they were leaving.  It was too cute.  Then when we were getting ready to go to bed last night he said ....'I want to go to Conner Prairie and see Kari....and Reid...and Megan...and Cami...'  so he 's definitely remembering things!!
His favorite song now is "I'm all about that bass, about that bass, about that treble'....and to hear him sing it is hilarious.  He also is very, very big on 'Walk sign is on - Walk sign is on' when were are walking through the village.    Funny boy!
Luke & I and Sara & Jacob are going to the Purdue game tomorrow.  It should be great weather and hopefully they can get another victory. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Baby girls have TEETH!!!  On their 5 months birthday Riley had 2 little bottom teeth poke through and Vivian had one!  Luke didn't have teeth until like 9 months!

We went to sweet Ella's 1st birthday last weekend at BR park.  Luke had so much fun playing TMNT with Caden and just running about being a little boy.  He was so sweet singing Happy Birthday and helping blow out the candle.

The girls were great.  Felt a little naked without their bows, so when they came home, I put bows on them and took pics.   Such pretty girls.

Tuesday night we met our friend Tim out for dinner and he LOVES Luke's hair.  Luke was in such a great good mood and being so funny.   But later we noticed  some weird break-out rash on his legs.  Woke up Wednesday and it was on his arms and a little on his face, too.   Took him to the doc and it wasn't anything too concerning.  Just some benadryl and it's clearing up.  He never had a fever or acted like it bothered but took him in because of all the Hand Foot Mouth Disease going around.  Yuck.  But thankfully it was nothing. He was in the best mood at the doctor's and was being so cute and funny!  He wanted stickers and I happened to have some in my purse....he was a happy boy.  And he even got one from the doc when the appointment was over. But while we were waiting he covered himself with them.  Will try to post!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't want to forget Friday!

Summer has been hectic yet fun!  We are getting into a good routine with the girls and Luke and been able to do some great things that I didn't think was possible.  August has been very busy- something every weekend and that means football season is around the corner.  Where did summer go?

Went to an Indians game, The Beef House to celebrate Great-Grandma's 81st birthday. 

We had Lemming Christmas in July in August@ Vic & Janice's where I just went up with the kids.  It was cornhole tourney and turned out great.  Luke was entertained outside with Grandpa, cousins, bean bags, while I was inside with the girls mostly.  They got to meet their Great-Great-Aunt Judy (my Grandpa Lemming's sister), so that was sweet. 

Luke & I met out play date buddies Kari & Reid and Megan & Cami at Conner Prairie.  It was a hoot to see them interact more, play with each other, play with all the fun things there.  It was a perfect day/time we went.  Then we went and saw Aunt Laura and Jude.  Luke was getting sleepy but loved all Raya & Charlie's toys.  Looking forward to next time when Raya & Charlie are home!

Jeff & Amy along with their twins were in town from Philly so we had a very, very different BOB Fest.  Kids galore!!  But it was good since it's been so hot & humid.  Got to see almost everyone and with all the kids, it was pure chaos.  Oh, how the times have changed.  Crawlers, walkers, toddlers, babies, big girls, big boys.  Whew! Quite the sight.

We went to Sonia & Ian's lakehouse one weekend and saw the Pittmans in town from Utah and met 10 mo old Jens - too cute!

Girls are still happy and good sleepers.  Love to look around and huge smiles when Luke plays with them.  Riley is really noticing her hands and could stare and stare at them.  Luke is so funny- he shakes his sillies out, loves puzzles, very demanding of his iphone, like to hear Dierks Bentley 'Drunk on the plane' some times is like 'mommy sing that song' and next time he's like 'mommy don't sing.  don't sing!'  (I hear ya, buddy, mommy does not sing well!).  He's much more about sharing and in his sweet little voice says  'you want a breakfast bar, mommy? 'you want a bite, daddy?'

Vivian's heart murmur came back ok.  So that was relief.

Over Labor Day Luke did the IceBucketChallenge and was awesome - he would do it everyday if he could. He even poured it on Grandpa.   Daddy stayed home with them all as mommy went to the Purdue game - they won! Whew.

Girls turned 5 months old last Sunday!!!  C.r.A.z.Y!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day weekend fun!

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend -  Friday night pizza party, Saturday mommy went to Purdue game, Daddy stayed home with all three then we went up to Uncle Scott & Aunt Laura's and cooked out with all the cousins that evening, then Sunday mommy took the 3 up to Grandma & Grandpa's for more cousin fun, then Labor Day we ran errands and hung out with the Armstrongs.  Exhausting but fun weekend. 
We only know victory!!  Boilers 1-0 

And something crazy happened over the weekend - both girls popped teeth!  Riley's 2 bottom teeth poked thru and one of Vivian's bottom.  And they turned 5 months old on Sunday!  Both can roll over now, too.  They are getting so big!!

Luke took part of the ALS #Icebucketchallenge and it was so cute how excited he was to do it.  He had watched daddy do it with his co-workers and then had seen all my friends on Facebook do it as well, so he was definitely inspired.

Havin' fun!