Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Break

We had a great week off! Pam was on vacation, so I stayed home with the kids all week.  We had lots of fun. Love that the girls are on a good, predictable schedule and they are sweet and pretty easy girls! And the fact that Luke is a very good independent boy, yet still wants to do stuff with me helps so much at this age when you are by yourself with them all!

Monday, the 3 kiddos and I walked to Subway, a few blocks away, with the girls in the double BOB and Luke carefully walking beside me.  A little nerve wrecking, but we made it!
Tuesday we had fun around the house/outside and Wednesday we went to the Haunted Mansion at the Children's Museum.  Luke really liked it and we explored around a little before heading to Acapulco Joe's for dinner.
Thursday we got up and ready and went to Great Grandma Fellure's.  Didn't know if we would stay the night, just depending on how everything went, but we did it.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Nicole, & Emma came over for dinner and Emma stayed the night.  The next day we visited Grandpa at work before heading back to Indy with Emma.  She stayed with us on her fall break. 
Saturday we had a fabulous time at the Weaver/Carlyle Pumpkin party!  Weather was perfect, Luke ran around and loved playing golf, bean bags, & softball toss.  He had so much fun.  Such great fun spending with all the family and the Armstrongs & Backs.  Good times!
Sunday we headed up to Emma's 12th birthday party and he had fun playing with Ruby! But he got a little cranky b/c he had a long, action-packed, weekend!

Oh, and I have to admit, their costumes are pretty darn cute!  Can't wait to take them out Friday night around our neighbor hood.  Luke is really into the concept this year 'you say Trick or Treat and they give you candy?'  Yep.  It's like Heaven to him.  He keeps asking when it's Halloween. 

He's also very big on remembering things but it's always 'yesterday'.  "Yesterday when we went to the football game" ....no honey, that was a week or so ago....'oh'. 
and the biggest news was he went potty on the potty!  All by himself!  He was taking a bath and said he had to 'poop'!  So we got out and he sat on it, just peed, but he was so happy!!! And I was so excited for him!!  Fingers crossed that is a sign of things to come!!

Love these babies!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 months old update!

The girls had their 6 month check-up yesterday. 

Riley:                                                               Vivian:
Weight: 15 lbs  12 oz  44%                              16 lbs 4 oz      53%
Height: 26 inches        55%                              26 inches        55%
Head: 41.5 cm            21%                               41.8 cm          28%

Little peanut heads!

The both have their 2 bottom teeth and Riley seems to be a little uncomfortable like her top ones are trying to poke through.

Dr. Moore thought the girls were doing great - so very close to sitting on their own, they do the tripod now-  great skin, alert, sweet, great neck control. 

Will introduce rice cereal and food once they start feeling better.  They have been relatively healthy, but I got them early because poor Viv was having a hard time after her shots.  Held her all night and Matt is staying home with them this morning, then I will this afternoon.   I stayed home with Riley on Friday b/c she too was so uncomfortable and just needed to be held.  And I literally held her all day- even I called JJ for a sandwich and ate it with her on my chest.  She may or may not have been covered in lettuce when I was done ;)

Other than that, knock on wood, they have been very healthy and very sweet girls!  Still amazed that little Vivian has caught up and surpassed Riley. 

Luke, can't stress it enough, is such a big boy and awesome big brother!  He loves his babies, tries to make them laugh, talks to them, sings to them ' do you like that baby?'  'are you hungry baby?'   A very sweet boy who loves his sisters!