Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 months old update!

The girls had their 6 month check-up yesterday. 

Riley:                                                               Vivian:
Weight: 15 lbs  12 oz  44%                              16 lbs 4 oz      53%
Height: 26 inches        55%                              26 inches        55%
Head: 41.5 cm            21%                               41.8 cm          28%

Little peanut heads!

The both have their 2 bottom teeth and Riley seems to be a little uncomfortable like her top ones are trying to poke through.

Dr. Moore thought the girls were doing great - so very close to sitting on their own, they do the tripod now-  great skin, alert, sweet, great neck control. 

Will introduce rice cereal and food once they start feeling better.  They have been relatively healthy, but I got them early because poor Viv was having a hard time after her shots.  Held her all night and Matt is staying home with them this morning, then I will this afternoon.   I stayed home with Riley on Friday b/c she too was so uncomfortable and just needed to be held.  And I literally held her all day- even I called JJ for a sandwich and ate it with her on my chest.  She may or may not have been covered in lettuce when I was done ;)

Other than that, knock on wood, they have been very healthy and very sweet girls!  Still amazed that little Vivian has caught up and surpassed Riley. 

Luke, can't stress it enough, is such a big boy and awesome big brother!  He loves his babies, tries to make them laugh, talks to them, sings to them ' do you like that baby?'  'are you hungry baby?'   A very sweet boy who loves his sisters! 

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