Friday, November 21, 2014

Officially sitting!

So happy that the girls are officially sitting - way to go, sisters!  It just seemed like it was taking forever and then finally it just one day happened.  And Vivian has been getting up on all fours.  So I feel like crawling will kinda be the same way, too!

They have not been as great of sleepers as they had been (maybe too much boasting on my part, darn it!) So Matt & I have been usually rocking with one of them for awhile and sleep when we can.  Me last night: up with Riley @ 1 am in the rocker until 4:45 am, put her back in her crib, got back into my bed only to hear Luke wake up at 5:00 am...But that's ok.  He's easier now,  he's usually on the floor, wakes crying but still half asleep, so I hold him and put him back in bed and he goes right to sleep.  Whew.  But look at these cuties:
We love to play with our piano!
(and we are getting some nice hair!)

Vivian on all fours -ready to go!

Vivian: "Hey, look at me!"

Riley:  "I see you sister!"
We are ready for Great-Grandma's Thanksgiving on Sunday!  It's been super, super cold with snow already.  Snovember 2014.   It's going to be a long winter.   But anywho, we look forward to Sunday and seeing everyone and then on Thanksgiving Day picking up Aunt Tracey from the airport and heading to Vic & Janice's for noon, then Uncle Scotty & Aunt Laura's @ 4.  Should be a fun day with lots of people we love!  Love the holidays and this time of year!  So fun to see how much they are all growing and their personalities come out more and more each day.  They will be turning 8 months old next week.  Luke will be turing 3 in two months!!  Holy cow.
I'm heading up to Purdue for their last football game of the season.  It's been a brutal yet hopeful season.  Hoping they can win the last 2 games.  Purdue basketball should be exciting!  They leave for the Maui Invitational (which Julie & Jason are going to - so jealous!!).  Between them and the Pacers, hoping for some good games to watch during this cold winter.  TGIF!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 nights Paci free!

We didn't mean for it to happen like this, but it did.  We lost Luke's one and only paci.  The one he only 'needs' at bed time.  Well, somehow on Sunday when it was time for bed, we couldn't find it.  We searched under & in couches, beds, rooms, toys, but to no avail.  It was rough that first night.  But he was so exhausted, he would just wake up crying to cry.  Then last night was too terribly bad yet.  He just says 'I want my paci.'  Of which I reply 'I know you do, but we have to look for it.'  So two nights down.  Hope it keeps getting easier!

Friday, November 7, 2014


The girls turned 7 months old!!  Still sweet as can be and just good babies!  They enjoyed their first Halloween as sweet little chickens. A big party at Ne-Ne and Pop-pop's with all the cousins and lots of friends.

Riley girl has been an awesome eater- so far she likes the carrots & green beans.    For the most part.
nom, nom, like food!

Vivian, not so much.  She closes her mouth and/or gags when she does get a taste of it.  You can't help but laugh.

Girls have still been good sleepers, with an occassional hiccup here or there.  I was worried about daylight savings time change.  But so far, they are still pretty good.

Still only the 2 bottom teeth, big time thumb suckers, love to roll, not 100% sitting up yet, eat 4 7-8oz bottles a day, go to bed 7:30 ish.  Love bath times, kick their legs soooooo fast, get very excited when they see their bottles.  Really examine toys and do this things with their hands.  Getting more and more coordinated with the toys and seem like they are trying to get up in that position to want to crawl.  Which will be crazy!!

Luke has been going on the potty here and there. Will love when that day comes where he's diaper free! He is so proud and excited when he does it, so I'm hoping to get him more consistent. 

He's loves puzzles and playing with cars & swords.  He's very demanding on what he wants (and doesn't want) to wear!   But he really is a good, sweet boy.  Loves to learn and asks lots of questions, really been 'reading' to us lately.  Love him. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we again have soooo much to be thankful (as we are everyday) and hard to believe how last year they were still in my belly!!  Already thinking of Christmas plans, too.  How fun will that be?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Break

We had a great week off! Pam was on vacation, so I stayed home with the kids all week.  We had lots of fun. Love that the girls are on a good, predictable schedule and they are sweet and pretty easy girls! And the fact that Luke is a very good independent boy, yet still wants to do stuff with me helps so much at this age when you are by yourself with them all!

Monday, the 3 kiddos and I walked to Subway, a few blocks away, with the girls in the double BOB and Luke carefully walking beside me.  A little nerve wrecking, but we made it!
Tuesday we had fun around the house/outside and Wednesday we went to the Haunted Mansion at the Children's Museum.  Luke really liked it and we explored around a little before heading to Acapulco Joe's for dinner.
Thursday we got up and ready and went to Great Grandma Fellure's.  Didn't know if we would stay the night, just depending on how everything went, but we did it.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Nicole, & Emma came over for dinner and Emma stayed the night.  The next day we visited Grandpa at work before heading back to Indy with Emma.  She stayed with us on her fall break. 
Saturday we had a fabulous time at the Weaver/Carlyle Pumpkin party!  Weather was perfect, Luke ran around and loved playing golf, bean bags, & softball toss.  He had so much fun.  Such great fun spending with all the family and the Armstrongs & Backs.  Good times!
Sunday we headed up to Emma's 12th birthday party and he had fun playing with Ruby! But he got a little cranky b/c he had a long, action-packed, weekend!

Oh, and I have to admit, their costumes are pretty darn cute!  Can't wait to take them out Friday night around our neighbor hood.  Luke is really into the concept this year 'you say Trick or Treat and they give you candy?'  Yep.  It's like Heaven to him.  He keeps asking when it's Halloween. 

He's also very big on remembering things but it's always 'yesterday'.  "Yesterday when we went to the football game" honey, that was a week or so ago....'oh'. 
and the biggest news was he went potty on the potty!  All by himself!  He was taking a bath and said he had to 'poop'!  So we got out and he sat on it, just peed, but he was so happy!!! And I was so excited for him!!  Fingers crossed that is a sign of things to come!!

Love these babies!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 months old update!

The girls had their 6 month check-up yesterday. 

Riley:                                                               Vivian:
Weight: 15 lbs  12 oz  44%                              16 lbs 4 oz      53%
Height: 26 inches        55%                              26 inches        55%
Head: 41.5 cm            21%                               41.8 cm          28%

Little peanut heads!

The both have their 2 bottom teeth and Riley seems to be a little uncomfortable like her top ones are trying to poke through.

Dr. Moore thought the girls were doing great - so very close to sitting on their own, they do the tripod now-  great skin, alert, sweet, great neck control. 

Will introduce rice cereal and food once they start feeling better.  They have been relatively healthy, but I got them early because poor Viv was having a hard time after her shots.  Held her all night and Matt is staying home with them this morning, then I will this afternoon.   I stayed home with Riley on Friday b/c she too was so uncomfortable and just needed to be held.  And I literally held her all day- even I called JJ for a sandwich and ate it with her on my chest.  She may or may not have been covered in lettuce when I was done ;)

Other than that, knock on wood, they have been very healthy and very sweet girls!  Still amazed that little Vivian has caught up and surpassed Riley. 

Luke, can't stress it enough, is such a big boy and awesome big brother!  He loves his babies, tries to make them laugh, talks to them, sings to them ' do you like that baby?'  'are you hungry baby?'   A very sweet boy who loves his sisters! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

He's all about that bass...

It's Friday!!

We've had a very good week.  Started a little rough with the girls not sleeping well Sunday & Monday nights (plus the Colts blew their MNF game) but I think it was just about teething. They are still as sweet and smiley as can be. 

Wednesday I took a half day with Luke and we went downtown to IUPUI to see the dentist (we are part of a study), played on the Circle, went to see Ian up in his office (where Luke was awesome, shooting baskets, talking to his assistant, in such a good mood!) and then walked in the mall/TJ Maxx for a treat for being such a good boy!!  We got home just as daddy & sisters did and walked to Kroger for groceries.  

He was so fun and talkative to the dentist.  I was worried! You never know what you might get with a 2 1/2 year old. He was a little timid at first but they gave him a Cars ball and he was perfect.  And then just talked away and opened wide when asked by the dentist.  So darn cute.  And everyone LOVES his curls!!

The Circle & Downtown
Last night we went to Costco and he was such a good help and we ran into Megan & Cami!  He gave Megan a big hug when they were leaving.  It was too cute.  Then when we were getting ready to go to bed last night he said ....'I want to go to Conner Prairie and see Kari....and Reid...and Megan...and Cami...'  so he 's definitely remembering things!!
His favorite song now is "I'm all about that bass, about that bass, about that treble'....and to hear him sing it is hilarious.  He also is very, very big on 'Walk sign is on - Walk sign is on' when were are walking through the village.    Funny boy!
Luke & I and Sara & Jacob are going to the Purdue game tomorrow.  It should be great weather and hopefully they can get another victory. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Baby girls have TEETH!!!  On their 5 months birthday Riley had 2 little bottom teeth poke through and Vivian had one!  Luke didn't have teeth until like 9 months!

We went to sweet Ella's 1st birthday last weekend at BR park.  Luke had so much fun playing TMNT with Caden and just running about being a little boy.  He was so sweet singing Happy Birthday and helping blow out the candle.

The girls were great.  Felt a little naked without their bows, so when they came home, I put bows on them and took pics.   Such pretty girls.

Tuesday night we met our friend Tim out for dinner and he LOVES Luke's hair.  Luke was in such a great good mood and being so funny.   But later we noticed  some weird break-out rash on his legs.  Woke up Wednesday and it was on his arms and a little on his face, too.   Took him to the doc and it wasn't anything too concerning.  Just some benadryl and it's clearing up.  He never had a fever or acted like it bothered but took him in because of all the Hand Foot Mouth Disease going around.  Yuck.  But thankfully it was nothing. He was in the best mood at the doctor's and was being so cute and funny!  He wanted stickers and I happened to have some in my purse....he was a happy boy.  And he even got one from the doc when the appointment was over. But while we were waiting he covered himself with them.  Will try to post!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't want to forget Friday!

Summer has been hectic yet fun!  We are getting into a good routine with the girls and Luke and been able to do some great things that I didn't think was possible.  August has been very busy- something every weekend and that means football season is around the corner.  Where did summer go?

Went to an Indians game, The Beef House to celebrate Great-Grandma's 81st birthday. 

We had Lemming Christmas in July in August@ Vic & Janice's where I just went up with the kids.  It was cornhole tourney and turned out great.  Luke was entertained outside with Grandpa, cousins, bean bags, while I was inside with the girls mostly.  They got to meet their Great-Great-Aunt Judy (my Grandpa Lemming's sister), so that was sweet. 

Luke & I met out play date buddies Kari & Reid and Megan & Cami at Conner Prairie.  It was a hoot to see them interact more, play with each other, play with all the fun things there.  It was a perfect day/time we went.  Then we went and saw Aunt Laura and Jude.  Luke was getting sleepy but loved all Raya & Charlie's toys.  Looking forward to next time when Raya & Charlie are home!

Jeff & Amy along with their twins were in town from Philly so we had a very, very different BOB Fest.  Kids galore!!  But it was good since it's been so hot & humid.  Got to see almost everyone and with all the kids, it was pure chaos.  Oh, how the times have changed.  Crawlers, walkers, toddlers, babies, big girls, big boys.  Whew! Quite the sight.

We went to Sonia & Ian's lakehouse one weekend and saw the Pittmans in town from Utah and met 10 mo old Jens - too cute!

Girls are still happy and good sleepers.  Love to look around and huge smiles when Luke plays with them.  Riley is really noticing her hands and could stare and stare at them.  Luke is so funny- he shakes his sillies out, loves puzzles, very demanding of his iphone, like to hear Dierks Bentley 'Drunk on the plane' some times is like 'mommy sing that song' and next time he's like 'mommy don't sing.  don't sing!'  (I hear ya, buddy, mommy does not sing well!).  He's much more about sharing and in his sweet little voice says  'you want a breakfast bar, mommy? 'you want a bite, daddy?'

Vivian's heart murmur came back ok.  So that was relief.

Over Labor Day Luke did the IceBucketChallenge and was awesome - he would do it everyday if he could. He even poured it on Grandpa.   Daddy stayed home with them all as mommy went to the Purdue game - they won! Whew.

Girls turned 5 months old last Sunday!!!  C.r.A.z.Y!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day weekend fun!

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend -  Friday night pizza party, Saturday mommy went to Purdue game, Daddy stayed home with all three then we went up to Uncle Scott & Aunt Laura's and cooked out with all the cousins that evening, then Sunday mommy took the 3 up to Grandma & Grandpa's for more cousin fun, then Labor Day we ran errands and hung out with the Armstrongs.  Exhausting but fun weekend. 
We only know victory!!  Boilers 1-0 

And something crazy happened over the weekend - both girls popped teeth!  Riley's 2 bottom teeth poked thru and one of Vivian's bottom.  And they turned 5 months old on Sunday!  Both can roll over now, too.  They are getting so big!!

Luke took part of the ALS #Icebucketchallenge and it was so cute how excited he was to do it.  He had watched daddy do it with his co-workers and then had seen all my friends on Facebook do it as well, so he was definitely inspired.

Havin' fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is how we roll! 4 months old!

Vivian rolled over yesterday!  And I got to see her first time!  I had put her and Riley on their backs on the blanket on the living room floor and went to the kitchen to help Luke.  When I came back, there she was on her belly and smiling!  Then she rolled back over to her back.  I think she was a little shocked but seemed content. Way to go Vivian!
Luke telling Vivian good job!  And helping her play with Sophie.
The girls are now 4 months old. Wow!! Great growing and doing so well. They are officially happy, smiley, sweet little baby piggies, I mean, girls!

Riley girl - Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz - 51%
Length: 23 3/4" - 30%
Head: 40.2 cm - 27%

We don't call her 'Squatty Body' for nothin' - thanks, Kirsten for coining that term. And it is meant with nothing but love.

Miss Vivian- Weight: 14 lbs! - 59%
Length: 24 1/4" - 48%
Head: 40.4 cm - 32%

This little piggy now outweighs and surpassed big sis in height!! She's not our little little sister anymore! She has a little heart murmur that they are going to check out August 18. Shouldn't be anything too concerning.

Both girls have great neck control, look around & see you, reaching for things, and smiles!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things I don't want to forget...

Man, I love these 2 girls!  It was rough at first, not having a routine, the constant feeding, and crying.  I was running ragged - and I didn't have Luke at home with me. Just when I would get one settled, the other was up and at 'em.    I see how these women who have babies and toddlers truly don't ever get to eat and are so thin from running around all day.  Constantly. I gained 42 lbs with the twins and lost 45 lbs by my 6 week check up!  With Luke I had lost all but 7lbs at my 6 weeks and kept those for almost a year.  But I tried to enjoy every second of my 12 weeks home with them, because I knew it would be my last maternity leave.  We went on walks on the Monon, through BR, to Sara & Jacob's, and to Butler on nice days.  On rainy days did mall walking at Keystone or Target.  Got to see lots of friends & family who came over, go out to lunches, hang out, go to the doctor appointments....

Riley has so far been a little more fiesty - but she was Baby A and the mover in the womb.  Makes sense.  But she is in true big sister form the first to really smile ( 7 weeks) , sleep through the night (8 weeks), and she holds her head up strong.  She's also more sturdy and very observant.  Her angel kiss is still there but slowly fading. 

Vivian is like this sweet little thing- but she's quickly catching up to big sister.  She had gained more weight at her 2 month appointment and grew taller! She has the sweetest smile- especially when she wakes up in the morning. But she is also the quickest to turn on you in an instant!!  One minute happy as can be, the next minute, not so much.  Loves to cuddle and be in the swing.

All in all they are very good babies.  Starting to give me good belly laughs.  Sweet, smiley, and good sleepers right now!  They get swaddled and down to sleep and maybe wake up once, but after a 4 oz bottle they are back to sleep until morning.   And people have gotten them the cutest little outfits! Don't know if it's because they are girls or there are 2 of them, it makes you want to shop! And I have learned, everyone has a twin or has twins.  No joke.  No matter where we would go someone would stop and ask about them and tell me about their twin story.  I actually enjoy listening to them.  Who knew twins are everywhere?? But now that I think about it...Sara is a twin, Kirsten's dad is a twin...

It's been day and night to how I have handled it...a few weeks ago, it was hard and I wondered how I could ever get anything done?  But now, not to toot my own horn, we got through it and we can do it!
Maybe because they aren't my first, but I HAVE to get up and get motivated to get stuff done.  I'm already back at the gym sooner, doing more laundry and dishes than I have ever done, constantly doing stuff.  Can't wait til the end of the work day and  weekends to spend time with them.  And if it ever gets too much, I know we have the ability for me to stay home.  So that's nice knowing that.  But right now we are not just surviving but thriving!  They will be 4 months old soon, which is crazy.  But it also seems like they have always been here.  What double blessings to have in our lives!
Riley in pink bow and Vivian ready to sneeze

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Funny boy!

Luke everyday amazes me with the new words he's using and the funny stories he has to tell.  Right now he likes to 'Roar' at people, or hide under the blanket when daddy gets home,  play frisbee, blow bubbles, play outside, eat popsicles, run on the Monon.....and just be a good, sweet, cute boy overall!

He's a great singer!  We will sing 'Wheels on the Bus' and commercials like 'Save big money at Menard's!' or the DQ 'S'mores song', and a favorite 'Oh, oh, oh, Oh, Riley- Auto parts!'  We just got a new CD we listen to in the van and 'John Jacob Jingle Heimerschmit' is another good one.  Along with 'Shake my sillies out' and 'Apples and Bananas!'

Over all his favorites are:
Sport: Baseball (as of now!)
Phrase: 'I can't!' (which we do not like because he can do anything!)
Outfit:  'Red, white, & blue shirt, his running shoes ('make me fast')
Song:  Wheels on the bus
Game:  Hide & seek - but he's not good at hiding- he's usually giggling out of control and jumps out before you can 'find' him.
Chores:  doing dishes or laundry with mommmy (hope he keeps that up!)
Collects:  coins!  At first he loved putting them in his piggy bank, now he just likes to carry them around
Toy: nerf guns or his Thomas the Train puzzles

Still loves his sisters - and will be like 'sister sneeze', 'sister crying',  'please sister don't cry', 'sister hit me'....

All three are going to Pam's, I'm a week back at work after being gone 13 weeks! So far it is working out pretty well.  He's a very protective big brother!  We go back to the doctor the end of the month for his 30 month check up!!  Can't wait to see what a big boy he is!
Luke and Vivian.  And Teddy. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The twins are here!

What double blessings indeed!!  I still am in awe that 12 weeks later, I have 2 perfect healthy twins.  And they are girls!?!  What??  I was shocked. 

So Friday March 28th I had my last appointment with Dr. Henderzahs and he was like - ok, see you Monday for your c-section! '  I still had a hard time believing I was going to make it to 38 weeks and the scheduled c-section that had been in the books for weeks! I kinda thought that weekend my water would break because it seemed so strange for it to work out so planned.

That weekend was our last hurrah as the 3 of us. Plus I had taken the week off before b/c Pam was on vacation, so Luke & I had our last just mommy & Luke time before the twins got here.  Not that I could do alot, but it was nice to be home with him and prepare.   We went out for dinner that Saturday night but Sunday noticed Luke had pink eye so we had to go to the dr.  So our plan of taking him to daycare was out the window.  The back up plan became Virlee would come to our house that morning to stay with Luke while we went to the hospital.  It was scheduled for 10 am but we had to be there at 8 am. 

We left that morning around 7:30 and got there in time to get me prepped.  All the nurses were excited that we were having twins and floored when we said we didn't know the gender.  They all couldn't believe it! They were as excited as us to find out what we were having.   Of course, I got sick right before they put me on the table to wheel me in the OR.  There were lots of nurses who were going to be in there 1. because of it being twins 2. because of my transabdominal cerclage (TAC).  None had seen one in person.  And some of them hadn't heard about it when they were prepping me, so I was telling them all about it!

Once I got in there they gave me the epidural and the dr. and Matt came in at some point.  I just remember they were playing great songs and "Let's hear it for the boy' came on, so I thought it was a sign we were having 2 boys :)   and I was sick still so I just wanted to not get sick, but I did. Matt was chatting with Dr. H the whole time- asking questions, talking cable TV, anything- and looking at everything.  So it was 10:08 am they called it and began.  I just kept praying.  Then they shout "10:14 am  Baby A is out! "  Dr to Matt what is it?  Matt goes 'it's a girl!' and I just was crying and thinking 'a girl!?'  then I hear '10:15 am Baby B is out" and they show me the baby this time and dr again says what is it? Matt goes  'Another girl!'  I was stunned!! TWO girls!?  Then I quickly was asking - are they ok?  how big are they? - I could see them in the isolates to my side but it was such a whirlwind. 
'They are great!  All is good!"    BABY A 6 lbs 9 oz!! What!?  Whoa.  BABY B 5 lbs 15 oz!  Holy cow!!  Amazing.  God is good.  So I kept looking at them the whole time while they stitched me up.  I was in shock.  And still sick a little.  Come 11 am I am ready to be wheeled to the room and I am holding them both!  No NICU.  Perfect. 

Riley Adaline Weaver was Baby A 6 lbs 9 oz 19 1/4 inches long. Baby B was Vivian Rose 5 lbs 15 oz 19 inches. I wish she would have been 6 lbs :) But still 12 1/2 pounds of baby!!  

I can't remember if we named them in the OR  (we actually had 2 girls names decided and agreed upon, so another reason I figured we would have boys :))  or when we got back to the room.   I had told my parents and sister & brother-in-law not to get there until after 1 so we could give ourselves some time.  But when we got situated back in the room, it was time to bring them in.  They all tiptoe in and looking around to see any clues on if they were girls or boys or girl/boy!  I go '2 girls!!'  And everyone gasped!! It's still shocking! 

We had a hard time keeping track of who was who.   So we really had to check the isolate or their bracelets.  They looked alot alike, except Riley has an angel kiss on her forehead and was 1/2 lb heavier. 

I continued to get sick everynow and then, but nursed them, held them and Matt parents then came to visit.  It was such a blur!!  Scott & Laura and family came too at some point.  The Carlyles were on spring break but Matt called them with the news of 2 girls -and they also were in disbelief!!   I called my sister Tracey and my Grandma so they could get the news before we texted people. Grandma's middle name is Adaline and I heard her do a double take when I told her Riley Adaline. 

The C-section recovery itself wasn't that bad.  Thankfully. Was able to get up and walking soon, so that was key.  And the shower was glorious!

Luke came on Wednesday morning to meet the girls.  It was adorable.  He was a little timid but was glad I wasn't connected to machines or in bed. I was dressed and able to hand him the girls.  He was precious!!  He held them both- at the same time- and it was the sweetest thing ever.  And it was true, when I left him he was my baby, but when he came back he was my BIG boy!! They came and visited me after work that day too and had dinner with me, so that was good. 

I stayed in the hospital Monday - Thursday and had lots of visitors! - Tindalls, Ian, Maggie, Kirsten, Armstrongs!

It's so amazing that I had another pregnancy, and that once again, made it to full term, and that they were twins! Now, 12 weeks after the fact and back to my pre-pregnancy weight (though it's just distributed way differently) and to work,  it kinda doesn't seem real.  I only gained about 42 lbs with them and worked right up until the end - though I came home and took it easy - that is amazing how your body can bounce back so quickly. Nursing them for 2 months helped but then had to be done, I couldn't keep up and just felt so tied down.  And now I enjoy being able to vaccuum and clean and not be so dependent on Matt to get me things and to do things.  I love being able to do it again myself!!

We are adjusting to life as a family of 5.  Those first few weeks were ROUGH.  The lack of sleep, constant crying, trying to understand their needs, juggling Luke, but we got / are getting through it! With the help of family and friends - life savers, indeed!!- it's manageable.  And I continue to say the same prayers - keep them healthy, safe, happy, and loved - and we can do anything. 

God has a sense of humor.  That quote is so beyond true.  If 3 1/2 years ago you would have told me I would have 3 kids today I wouldn't have believed you.  We were in the midst of our infertility struggle and just did not seem possible.  And then for us to have Luke - our true Dream Weaver, that was awesome.  And then to have these 2 Sweet Dreams......incredible. 
Riley Adaline

Vivian Rose

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Madness 2014 style

Some of the many things I am thankful for this Tuesday:

I am 35 weeks and have a 5 lb and 4 lbs 13 oz baby in my belly!! I go twice a week for non-stress tests, I go back this afternoon.  Still on course for March 31st c-section!

Luke being a happy, big, growing boy!  He knows so many words, his colors, shapes, counting. I need to work with him with his ABC's.  Noticed also he's more willing to share.  Whether it's toys or gold fish, he doesn't throw a fit (as much) when another little kiddo is going after it too.   It's the sweetest thing.

We went to dinner the other night w/Scott & Laura and it was so cute to see Luke & Raya hold hands and walk down the sidewalk together.  Awww!!

Ready for warm weather!  This has been one of the coldest, snowiest winters in history.  Bring on the sunshine!!

Matt is almost done with the upstairs- it's amazing! Even better than I imagined it would be.  It's been nice b/c I am sleeping up there and can go to the bathroom without waking up everyone! 

We went to the ICE game with Meyer Najem 2 weekends ago and made the jumbo tron briefly.  Luke really enjoyed himself at the game!  GO HOCKEY - he would say. Plus Brady, Max and Luke were there, so it was fun to see him interact with them. Then we went over to see BASS and Jacob.  He loves that Jacob.  He's genuinely excited about seeing him and the way he says his name is too cute. 

Luke is big about spotting school buses and now birds in the sky.

It is March Madness for sure - Purdue's season was awful, but I'm more concerned with these babies getting here and adjusting to life as a family of 5!!! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

'I did it!'

Well, Luke climbed out of his crib last night!  He was showing zero signs of it, but after being put down around 8 pm and hearing giggling and blabbing for awhile, Matt & I were shocked to hear it become louder and louder and all of a sudden around 8:30 pm  out comes Luke running into the living room and goes 'I did it!'  He was proud as punch!!!!
Game changer.
We have his big boy bed but were waiting to transition to once the twins get here.  But looks like it will be sooner rather than later!! 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting so big!!

This picture was taken at Luke's b-day party- look how big they are all getting!! And to think there will be 3 more in that picture come June 2014!
Speaking of big, Luke had his 2 year check-up on Jan 29th.  He is 28 lbs 11 oz (60%) up 3 1/2 lbs from his 18 month appointment and 35 1/2 inches (79%) up 2 1/2 inches!  So we are doing something right- whew!  It was making me a little nervous because some nights he is such a good eater and other nights, doesn't really bother.  We had been super fortunate he has been pretty healthy all year- just that ear infection around NYE and sniffles here and there.  However, of course, he then on Thursday the 30th had a fever and wasn't able to go to daycare on Friday.  But he was completely fine acting - besides interrupted sleeping for the 2 nights prior.  So we had to cancel his portrait session- but looking forward to rescheduling it soon. 
He loves cheese! He would eat a block of it a day if I let him.  He'll go through phases of eating noodles, mac & cheese, chicken, etc.  And I introduced little white powdered doughnuts to him on the weekends.  He LOVES those!
Watching him interact more with other kids, sharing, talk more, counting, coloring, building big castles with his mega blocks - it's all so fun!  And his new hit song he sings with me in the car Passenger's  'Let her go' or 'Hallelujuiah!'
He had his first haircut the weekend before he turned two-aah!  He did good.  It was a little overwhelming at first, but thankfully it didn't last too long and Cookie Cutters did a good job. I was worried his curly-Qs would be gone, but they bounced back perfectly!  I will have to post a picture soon  (I'm having problems posting more than one pic per blog for some reason today).  
It's funny to hear him when I ask if he wants a brother or sister- so far it's always sister!  Or if I say both he says both.  He does look at my expanding belly and I know he's gotta be like 'what in the world is going on!?'     
Jeff & Amy came into town for superbowl weekend and we got to meet sweet little Miss Olivia and Mr. Gavin.  Precious!  It was a bit chaotic having everyone over and their kids, but it was a lot of fun to see Luke play with the big kids (Natalie and Jack) and how concerned he was about the babies (them crying, them need bottle). I think he will be a GREAT big brother who is  so sweet and helpful!
And as always, Chris and Dave (and all the boys) are a God send.  They are always willing to help out and take him.  And I know how much he loves them and how much fun he has with them so it makes it a little easier when mommy needs to rest or (try) to get stuff done! 
I love my little buddy! And looking forward to the additions and the exciting changes it will bring!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Luke is 2 years old today!!

This sweet baby boy is now a big 2 year old!! We had a January party at Great-Grandma's, Matt's family over this past Sunday, he opened a gift this morning, having a b-day party at daycare, and tonight will open the rest of his gifts and face time with Grandma & Grandpa.  Man, it's rough to be a 2 year old!!! 

Having a hard time believe that it was 2 years ago he came into this world, it seems like he's always been a part of our lives.  Love, love, love just doesn't even begin to describe all the love we have we have for him. 

We go to his 2 year appointment tomorrow and will get pictures taken later this week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where did December go?

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

I've been feeling better, so that helps alot, and Luke has been great.  He's playful, sweet, cranky, & lovable all at the same time.  As for me, I'm a little over 26weeks.  I go back this Friday 1/10.  Can't wait to see their sweet little faces again.  I feel them all the time.  Baby A is still quite the kicker, Baby B is more chill.  Getting a little more uncomfortable, hard time sleeping.  But I'm so tired! But keeping my eyes on the prize.

I celebrated my 37th birthday with a surprise from Matt - Justin Timberlake tix! It was an awesome concert. Baby B sure like his music b/c that baby kicked the whole time. So I'm thinking a little Justin or Justine?!

Christmas was magical!  We did the Polar Express w/all the Weavers, had a bouncy party on the Rody's Ne-Ne and Pop-Pop got for them, spent Christmas Eve at my parents and Christmas Day at my Grandma's.  Lots of people, food, fun, presents!  But how come everyone else's presents are more fun than your own?!   That is what Luke thought at least.  And he got some great gifts- puzzles, books, blocks, cars, toy drill, little computer game, clothes, etc.  SPOILED!  But that's ok, he is only a baby once...and he's barely a baby anymore! 

NYE Luke had his 2nd ever ear infection :(  The 2 nights before he was up every hour or so and just not himself.  Thankfully our dr.'s office has walk in hours on NYE, so I went in there, found out that's what he had (along with pink eye??) and got him on amoxicillin and he was back to his fiesty self in now time.  We at a pizza party w/cousins at Great Grandma's then a slumber party at Grandma & Grandpa's with Claire & Ruby.  Up all night.  Yikes.   Then back to Great Grandma's for the whole family to ring in the New Year on New Year's Day. 

Shocking, but Luke's favorite word is still no!!!  And his little independence side comes out more frequently.  He's definitely opinionated.  Lots of energy, but still is up for a good snuggle here & there.  His new thing is building 'big castles' with his mega blocks Aunt Tracey got him for Christmas.  And playing cars. Vrrrrooommmm!

He is a good helper most of the time.  He does like to help me dust, but mostly wants me to spray the Pledge and he goes over the same spot. 

2014 is going to be amazing.  I look back at 2013 and can't believe it's over.  I can't believe all we have gone through.  Luke turned 1!!!  We had great vacations, we found out we were expecting.  We found out we are expecting twins!!  Purdue games, Pacers games,  friends, family, weddings, new much to be thankful for and so much to look ahead to!! Blessed beyond words!