Friday, September 12, 2014


Baby girls have TEETH!!!  On their 5 months birthday Riley had 2 little bottom teeth poke through and Vivian had one!  Luke didn't have teeth until like 9 months!

We went to sweet Ella's 1st birthday last weekend at BR park.  Luke had so much fun playing TMNT with Caden and just running about being a little boy.  He was so sweet singing Happy Birthday and helping blow out the candle.

The girls were great.  Felt a little naked without their bows, so when they came home, I put bows on them and took pics.   Such pretty girls.

Tuesday night we met our friend Tim out for dinner and he LOVES Luke's hair.  Luke was in such a great good mood and being so funny.   But later we noticed  some weird break-out rash on his legs.  Woke up Wednesday and it was on his arms and a little on his face, too.   Took him to the doc and it wasn't anything too concerning.  Just some benadryl and it's clearing up.  He never had a fever or acted like it bothered but took him in because of all the Hand Foot Mouth Disease going around.  Yuck.  But thankfully it was nothing. He was in the best mood at the doctor's and was being so cute and funny!  He wanted stickers and I happened to have some in my purse....he was a happy boy.  And he even got one from the doc when the appointment was over. But while we were waiting he covered himself with them.  Will try to post!

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