Friday, November 21, 2014

Officially sitting!

So happy that the girls are officially sitting - way to go, sisters!  It just seemed like it was taking forever and then finally it just one day happened.  And Vivian has been getting up on all fours.  So I feel like crawling will kinda be the same way, too!

They have not been as great of sleepers as they had been (maybe too much boasting on my part, darn it!) So Matt & I have been usually rocking with one of them for awhile and sleep when we can.  Me last night: up with Riley @ 1 am in the rocker until 4:45 am, put her back in her crib, got back into my bed only to hear Luke wake up at 5:00 am...But that's ok.  He's easier now,  he's usually on the floor, wakes crying but still half asleep, so I hold him and put him back in bed and he goes right to sleep.  Whew.  But look at these cuties:
We love to play with our piano!
(and we are getting some nice hair!)

Vivian on all fours -ready to go!

Vivian: "Hey, look at me!"

Riley:  "I see you sister!"
We are ready for Great-Grandma's Thanksgiving on Sunday!  It's been super, super cold with snow already.  Snovember 2014.   It's going to be a long winter.   But anywho, we look forward to Sunday and seeing everyone and then on Thanksgiving Day picking up Aunt Tracey from the airport and heading to Vic & Janice's for noon, then Uncle Scotty & Aunt Laura's @ 4.  Should be a fun day with lots of people we love!  Love the holidays and this time of year!  So fun to see how much they are all growing and their personalities come out more and more each day.  They will be turning 8 months old next week.  Luke will be turing 3 in two months!!  Holy cow.
I'm heading up to Purdue for their last football game of the season.  It's been a brutal yet hopeful season.  Hoping they can win the last 2 games.  Purdue basketball should be exciting!  They leave for the Maui Invitational (which Julie & Jason are going to - so jealous!!).  Between them and the Pacers, hoping for some good games to watch during this cold winter.  TGIF!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 nights Paci free!

We didn't mean for it to happen like this, but it did.  We lost Luke's one and only paci.  The one he only 'needs' at bed time.  Well, somehow on Sunday when it was time for bed, we couldn't find it.  We searched under & in couches, beds, rooms, toys, but to no avail.  It was rough that first night.  But he was so exhausted, he would just wake up crying to cry.  Then last night was too terribly bad yet.  He just says 'I want my paci.'  Of which I reply 'I know you do, but we have to look for it.'  So two nights down.  Hope it keeps getting easier!

Friday, November 7, 2014


The girls turned 7 months old!!  Still sweet as can be and just good babies!  They enjoyed their first Halloween as sweet little chickens. A big party at Ne-Ne and Pop-pop's with all the cousins and lots of friends.

Riley girl has been an awesome eater- so far she likes the carrots & green beans.    For the most part.
nom, nom, like food!

Vivian, not so much.  She closes her mouth and/or gags when she does get a taste of it.  You can't help but laugh.

Girls have still been good sleepers, with an occassional hiccup here or there.  I was worried about daylight savings time change.  But so far, they are still pretty good.

Still only the 2 bottom teeth, big time thumb suckers, love to roll, not 100% sitting up yet, eat 4 7-8oz bottles a day, go to bed 7:30 ish.  Love bath times, kick their legs soooooo fast, get very excited when they see their bottles.  Really examine toys and do this things with their hands.  Getting more and more coordinated with the toys and seem like they are trying to get up in that position to want to crawl.  Which will be crazy!!

Luke has been going on the potty here and there. Will love when that day comes where he's diaper free! He is so proud and excited when he does it, so I'm hoping to get him more consistent. 

He's loves puzzles and playing with cars & swords.  He's very demanding on what he wants (and doesn't want) to wear!   But he really is a good, sweet boy.  Loves to learn and asks lots of questions, really been 'reading' to us lately.  Love him. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we again have soooo much to be thankful (as we are everyday) and hard to believe how last year they were still in my belly!!  Already thinking of Christmas plans, too.  How fun will that be?!