Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This is how we roll! 4 months old!

Vivian rolled over yesterday!  And I got to see her first time!  I had put her and Riley on their backs on the blanket on the living room floor and went to the kitchen to help Luke.  When I came back, there she was on her belly and smiling!  Then she rolled back over to her back.  I think she was a little shocked but seemed content. Way to go Vivian!
Luke telling Vivian good job!  And helping her play with Sophie.
The girls are now 4 months old. Wow!! Great growing and doing so well. They are officially happy, smiley, sweet little baby piggies, I mean, girls!

Riley girl - Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz - 51%
Length: 23 3/4" - 30%
Head: 40.2 cm - 27%

We don't call her 'Squatty Body' for nothin' - thanks, Kirsten for coining that term. And it is meant with nothing but love.

Miss Vivian- Weight: 14 lbs! - 59%
Length: 24 1/4" - 48%
Head: 40.4 cm - 32%

This little piggy now outweighs and surpassed big sis in height!! She's not our little little sister anymore! She has a little heart murmur that they are going to check out August 18. Shouldn't be anything too concerning.

Both girls have great neck control, look around & see you, reaching for things, and smiles!

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