Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Funny boy!

Luke everyday amazes me with the new words he's using and the funny stories he has to tell.  Right now he likes to 'Roar' at people, or hide under the blanket when daddy gets home,  play frisbee, blow bubbles, play outside, eat popsicles, run on the Monon.....and just be a good, sweet, cute boy overall!

He's a great singer!  We will sing 'Wheels on the Bus' and commercials like 'Save big money at Menard's!' or the DQ 'S'mores song', and a favorite 'Oh, oh, oh, Oh, Riley- Auto parts!'  We just got a new CD we listen to in the van and 'John Jacob Jingle Heimerschmit' is another good one.  Along with 'Shake my sillies out' and 'Apples and Bananas!'

Over all his favorites are:
Sport: Baseball (as of now!)
Phrase: 'I can't!' (which we do not like because he can do anything!)
Outfit:  'Red, white, & blue shirt, his running shoes ('make me fast')
Song:  Wheels on the bus
Game:  Hide & seek - but he's not good at hiding- he's usually giggling out of control and jumps out before you can 'find' him.
Chores:  doing dishes or laundry with mommmy (hope he keeps that up!)
Collects:  coins!  At first he loved putting them in his piggy bank, now he just likes to carry them around
Toy: nerf guns or his Thomas the Train puzzles

Still loves his sisters - and will be like 'sister sneeze', 'sister crying',  'please sister don't cry', 'sister hit me'....

All three are going to Pam's, I'm a week back at work after being gone 13 weeks! So far it is working out pretty well.  He's a very protective big brother!  We go back to the doctor the end of the month for his 30 month check up!!  Can't wait to see what a big boy he is!
Luke and Vivian.  And Teddy. 

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