Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things I don't want to forget...

Man, I love these 2 girls!  It was rough at first, not having a routine, the constant feeding, and crying.  I was running ragged - and I didn't have Luke at home with me. Just when I would get one settled, the other was up and at 'em.    I see how these women who have babies and toddlers truly don't ever get to eat and are so thin from running around all day.  Constantly. I gained 42 lbs with the twins and lost 45 lbs by my 6 week check up!  With Luke I had lost all but 7lbs at my 6 weeks and kept those for almost a year.  But I tried to enjoy every second of my 12 weeks home with them, because I knew it would be my last maternity leave.  We went on walks on the Monon, through BR, to Sara & Jacob's, and to Butler on nice days.  On rainy days did mall walking at Keystone or Target.  Got to see lots of friends & family who came over, go out to lunches, hang out, go to the doctor appointments....

Riley has so far been a little more fiesty - but she was Baby A and the mover in the womb.  Makes sense.  But she is in true big sister form the first to really smile ( 7 weeks) , sleep through the night (8 weeks), and she holds her head up strong.  She's also more sturdy and very observant.  Her angel kiss is still there but slowly fading. 

Vivian is like this sweet little thing- but she's quickly catching up to big sister.  She had gained more weight at her 2 month appointment and grew taller! She has the sweetest smile- especially when she wakes up in the morning. But she is also the quickest to turn on you in an instant!!  One minute happy as can be, the next minute, not so much.  Loves to cuddle and be in the swing.

All in all they are very good babies.  Starting to give me good belly laughs.  Sweet, smiley, and good sleepers right now!  They get swaddled and down to sleep and maybe wake up once, but after a 4 oz bottle they are back to sleep until morning.   And people have gotten them the cutest little outfits! Don't know if it's because they are girls or there are 2 of them, it makes you want to shop! And I have learned, everyone has a twin or has twins.  No joke.  No matter where we would go someone would stop and ask about them and tell me about their twin story.  I actually enjoy listening to them.  Who knew twins are everywhere?? But now that I think about it...Sara is a twin, Kirsten's dad is a twin...

It's been day and night to how I have handled it...a few weeks ago, it was hard and I wondered how I could ever get anything done?  But now, not to toot my own horn, we got through it and we can do it!
Maybe because they aren't my first, but I HAVE to get up and get motivated to get stuff done.  I'm already back at the gym sooner, doing more laundry and dishes than I have ever done, constantly doing stuff.  Can't wait til the end of the work day and  weekends to spend time with them.  And if it ever gets too much, I know we have the ability for me to stay home.  So that's nice knowing that.  But right now we are not just surviving but thriving!  They will be 4 months old soon, which is crazy.  But it also seems like they have always been here.  What double blessings to have in our lives!
Riley in pink bow and Vivian ready to sneeze

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