Thursday, September 15, 2016

Learning and loving every day!

Love getting pictures of the kiddos everyday they are at school.  They usually are having fun, looking silly, and learning.  So cute.  Our Fridays and Mondays have been fun doing things together and getting things done.  Each day I'm amazed how much girls are talking.  And their little bodies turning from babies to toddlers.  They can be sooooo sweet but can also have such a temper.  I mean, full on hair pulling and wrestling.  Not as much biting, so that's good. Vivian loves her purse, Riley loves to sometimes just take it because she can.  Vivian also loves Luke's shoes and wears them, while Riley is discovering socks.  We survived our first Purdue game and they actually got to see a win!  We had Ne-Ne's 65th birthday bash and listened to the band, danced, played, and had a blast.  We love going for bike rides and going to Luke's soccer practice.  He's such a good little listener and loves to play.  Fall is almost here but soaking up the nice weather around the neighborhood while we can.

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