Friday, February 19, 2016

Luke is 4!!

Learning and growing each day!!

Luke had his 4 year check up on 02/12/2016
Weight:  36 lbs 12.8 oz  57%
Height:   41 inches         64%
BMI:  15.39                   41%

He grew 3 1/2 inches last year - right on schedule.  And gained 5 lbs.  How funny!!

Dr. Moore said he was a very sweet and smart boy. He was very talkative at the appointment and telling her about his monster truck birthday and that he got hungry, hungry hippos.    We need to get him some swim lessons and a helmet for spring when we start riding a bike.  And we need to get him to branch out and eat some more food.  Some days, he's a bottomless pit, other days hardly eats anything.  He actually had a start / end of a sinus infection, so got him some amoxicillin.  Had no idea! 

The "I love more than anything in the whole wide world"  at random times is great!! The I only want mommy to snuggle is sweet, but also taking a toll.  It's hard to get things done and I don't want him to sleep with me forever, but for now, me sleeping in bed with him until he falls asleep is fine.  I usually then wake up after awhile and go to my bed. But he is the sweetest.  He sleeps with his puppy dog, train blanket, and orange pillow.  And still pull-ups.  Hoping to break out of those sooner rather than later.

He really loves his sisters, though sometimes likes to tease them by taking things from them.  But his little voice of 'sister, will you snuggle with me?' is so darn sweet.  And they LOVE big brother.  Usually when I pick up the girls, Vivian's first thing is "Where's Luke?' and then we get to the van and she's like 'Luke!  There he is!"

We pray for Luke (and sisters) to grow big, strong, happy, and healthy.  And always be humble and kind.

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