Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer 2016!

I have been with my company a long, long time.  I have been here 16 years, but actually 17 YEARS with Kirsten.  I wasn't quite ready to give it all the way up, but felt like I needed to to help me get a grip on the house, the kids, the work, the chores, just everything.  Never did I know part-time was an option, so found out it was, and jumped on it.  So now, I am part time.  I love the flexibility I have, the ability to get my own things done, Kirsten, the benefits, etc.  We still have a lot to figure out what we'll do come school time, etc. but for now, it's a good balance.  But this has only been the first week, we'll see how in reality it really shapes up.

We needed to get the girls in a more structured, learning environment.  Pam has been great for us for the last 4 years, but the girls needed more.  So with my new schedule, we take them to school with Luke Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday when I go to work, and then everyone is home with me Mondays & Fridays.  Yesterday was their first day - we received no less than a thousand pictures of them.  I loved getting them - just seeing them so happy learning, playing, having new experiences, that it was great.  They were two very, very tired little girls when we got home. 

Riley cheesing it up (hoping her biting will not be a problem!)

Vivian reading already : )

Recess got to see their big brother - he was so excited that they were going to school with him and showing everyone- 'hey these are my sisters!' 

We do the best we can for our kids. I think this is a good balance.   At least I hope so.  Eager to see how much this helps them (with talking, sharing, no biting) and what adventures await for us all! We are very lucky to be in this position and hope this is the best for them at this time in our lives.

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