Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It's 2016!!!

We look back on what an awesome, challenging, year.

Luke turned 3, we survived our first year as parents to twins!!!, we finished a renovation, sold our BR house, built a beautiful home and moved to suburbs, turned one year closer to (gulp) 40,  switched schools for Luke, Matt was promoted, we suffered through another miserable Purdue football season, spent time with family & friends....whew!  I'm exhausted thinking about it.  But we made it. 

There was a time when the girls would be sick, or not sleeping well, Luke was in full threenager and it just wasn't a good time.  It was a very challenging for sure. I felt disconnected from myself, friends, and co-workers due to the lack of sleep, cold weather, and constant feeling of being overwhelmed.  I wasn't being a good mom, wife, friend, employee, you name it.  So I'm hopefully back on track.  And as a family we joined the Y to kick off 2016.  The girls are getting some more activity, Luke can learn / play new things, we get a work out in, and since the girls are back to being pretty good sleepers are now 21 months, we stay up a little later at night and feel a little more normal routine. 

We are so excited on what this year brings!  Here's to a healthy, happy, and safe new year.

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