Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where did October go?

I feel like October has been a month full of Halloween parties- and I don't even like Halloween!

"Is it Halloween yet?!"  Luke asked that all month basically.  We have had Luke's Fall Festival party at his school October 13th, dress up on Oct. 16th, Conner Prairie last week,  Ne-Ne & Pop-Pop's Halloween party the 24th, Sunday the 25th  at Nicole's for Emma's b-day, a night at the Children's Museum and then it  was FINALLY Halloween!!  No wonder Luke was confused. 

He's a Ninja and it is awesome.  The girls are the Purdue University All-American Marching band Silver Twins!!  But they all have skeleton PJ's they have worn as well.  So we alternate.  They are all so cute!

The girls are now 19 months and full on trying to communicate.  Little walkers, runners, head shakers, no! no!, go! go!, ball!  Dog! Uh-oh! Great little helpers getting things and love to try to put on their clothes & shoes.   They have not been sleeping well, but I think it's the growth spurt they are going thru and teething.    We had their 18 month apt and Dr. Moore said they are just perfect!

23.65 lbs    - 32%
31.5 inches - 31%
45.7 cm head- 21%

24.1 lbs         -39%
32.25 inches- 54%
46.7 cm head - 48%

Pretty much even with everything though I do feel Riley talks more clearly.  They love each other and they love their brother.  And we of course love them.  :)

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