Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow down, time.

It's going way too fast.  These sweet, happy, clappy, little baby girls are about to be 11 months old!! They love to try to pull up/stand, but are very, very fast just crawling now.  Love the toys that light up and play music - the hippo & balls toys and Luke's old work bench.  They are actually quite happy just banging one toy on another.  Or sometimes banging it on their sister :)
They are getting to be good eaters- veggies, puffs, blueberries, strawberries....sometimes more on the floor than themselves, but not too bad.  Still 4 bottles a day.  Doing well with sippy cups of water. Still going to bed by 7:30 and sleeping through the night.  They both have their bottom 2 teeth, and 4 top teeth, and looks like more are ready but they are not cranky thankfully. 
We booked their first birthday party at BounceU with all the cousins and Jacob.  So it should be a blast- not necessarily for them but for Luke (and Raya, Charlie, Ruby....)!
In anything from 6 month clothes to 12 months clothes.  Their sweet little fake Uggs still don't fit their little feet nor do their skidder like socks that are size 6 months. 
Potty training Luke.  He's doing great but I am just soooooo ready to be over it.  He uses it at home and wears his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle undies at home but sometimes he just wants to wear his diapers and we just haven't sent him in undies to Pam's yet.  Dang it.  He's doing good though! 
He is so funny and could play & play & play.  But he also likes his downtime to watch movies and snuggle.  Man he is the sweetest thing.  We go to the dentist in a couple of weeks- I think he'll do great.  He will brush his teeth himself or sometimes he wants me too. 
Luke gets along great with his sisters, but sometimes he wants to take his toys into different rooms or on the bed so 'sisters can't get them'.  But overall, he's a great big brother and they are perfect little sisters.  Hope it stays that way!
A year ago was big, fat, pregnant and anxiously awaiting them, and now, it's like they have always been here!!  Can't see what the next month brings before they turn the BIG ONE!

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