Friday, April 24, 2015

Things I don't want to forget Friday....

- Luke loves to sing Kelly Clarkson's Heartbeat song.  So cute!  That is, of course, when he is not singing UpTown Funk.  He loooooooves that song.  Sisters are getting rhythm and love to bounce and dance when we are all being silly and singing & dancing to it, too.

-Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is Luke's favorite movie now.   Except he thinks Johnny Depp is a girl.  We have probably seen it a thousand times. 

-  Girls are really playing with each other and love to make each other giggle.  It's the sweetest thing.  Although sometimes playing together consists of taking the toy from the other and leaving the other one in tears.

-Luke starts pre-school May 4th!!  Looking forward to the great strides he'll make.  He's definitely ready.

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