Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One year old check ups!

The girls had their one year appointment Friday, April 10th.

They truly are squatty bodies!!

Riley:                                                                      Vivian:
20 lbs. 2 oz   33%                                                  20 lbs 2 oz   33%
28 1/4 in       21%                                                   28 3/4 in      34%
44.1              20%                                                   44.6    -        33%

No wonder they seem so 'little' - more like babies than toddlers.  But thankfully no need for concern.  They both pull themselves up, crawl super fast, do ok with the sippy cup,  sleep awesome.  Vivian cruises more around the couch and coffee table, while Riley just is more content pulling up and hanging out.  Riley is the needier one though- soon as she sees me she wants to be picked up and has a hard time when I have to put her down. And that's ok.  I want nothing more than to cuddle on these babies.  They are getting too big, too fast.   Vivian is happier to see me, say what's up, and then keep on her merry little way. Vivian is also using the walking toy to walk around from living room to kitchen.  So I feel like she will be our first walker.  She gets more confident every day with it.
Riley is starting to show more interest in the walking toy, but not as much as V.

I felt so bad that Vivian had a double ear infection! She showed ZERO signs of it.  So she was unable to get her first year shots.  She goes back on the 28th to make sure her infection is gone (she's been on amoxicillin) and get her shots.

Riley was great with her shots.  She cried at first, then we did cuddles, then was fine.   We go back for their 15 month appointments next

We then all went to the International Pancake house for breakfast. They were sleepy tho. 

Their little personalities keep coming out, too-  Vivian the risk taker and Riley Ms. Cautious. Who knows how that will be in a few more months!! 

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