Friday, May 22, 2015

Things I don't want to forget Friday...

Luke can now tell the girls apart!  I noticed last week he was calling them by their correct names and I couldn't tell if it was fluke or not.  So I said 'Luke, which sister is that?' And he correctly said Riley.  So later I tried again "Luke, which sister is that?" Again, he was correct in saying Vivian.  So I asked him how he knew and he said "Vivian has a square head like you mommy.  Riley has round head like me."  I don't see the square head he is talking about, but Riley's is much rounder, so we'll go for it.  And whatever works, works. I do catch him every now and then saying 'Square head took my toy' - which I can't help but chuckle.

Riley is taking steps!!! She is so proud of herself and doing a great job.  Maybe 5 or so at a time, but definitely gaining her confidence.

Vivian is not too far behind.  She was the first to crawl and use the walker but feel like one day she will just pop up and do it.  But so far,  she's content using the walker and cruising along the furniture.  And of course, they still use their popular tri-pod method of getting around.

Vivian had her post-ear check up and finally her ear infection is gone.  And she was able to finally get her 1 year shots.  She's been in such a good mood and her little mischievous smile is way too cute.  And man, does she laugh and give you funny looks, and shakes her head to be silly. 

Luke has been doing awesome at TeddyBear Daycare.  He tells me about his day, though whenever I ask about what he had for lunch, he's like 'nothing' though everyday on his progress report he has eaten all of it :) He's making friends and usually excited in the morning to get ready and to go there. Usually. He's been 'happy, cooperative, & helpful', sleeps during rest time, and learning new things.  We had a great day at Mommy & Me Tea Day for Mother's Day weekend. 

We survived our 1/2 week without daddy while he was in Vegas for TUG.

I took the girls to Gretchen's bridal shower and Luke when w/the Carlyles to the Tripp & Tagg's baseball games.  Then they watched them that evening for the bachelorette party.   We all had fun!

This Memorial Day weekend we are going to the Kincaids, Mroz', & Habels.  On Sunday, we will be celebrating Claire's 11th birthday!! So hard to believe!!

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