Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't want to forget Friday!

It's our last Friday as Luke as a 2 year old!  He turns 3 next Wednesday.   Blows me away.
He had gone through a rough patch at night, but seems to be getting better and back to his sweet ways.  He still does not like 'to get ready' in the morning - he wants to just stay home.  Even if we are going somewhere fun. 

Last weekend we had his birthday party at Grandma Fellure's with the other January and February birthdays.  He loves to sing Happy Birthday!  And he loves to eat just icing off of the cupcakes.

The girls are as sweet as can be. Vivian is a fast crawler and goes all over the house.  Riley is content to just sit there, crawl a bit, and then keep playing.  I do notice they are getting a little more aggressive with each other when they are playing- banging the toy on the other sister, taking it away, climbing on each other.  Usually one ends up in tears but nothing too bad yet. 

I catch Vivian doing the 'tri-pod' - a crawl/walk thing that Luke used to do right before he started walking.  That makes me nervous! But very excited at the same time.  I try to get them to stand and cruise along the couch, but their little legs/feet just aren't ready.  But when one of them sees the other 'standing' they get a big smile on their face and act so proud of them.  It's really sweet.

Luke is going to the monster truck jam tomorrow with Daddy and Sunday we are having the Weavers over for his birthday.  It's been a long month of celebrations and it's still not even his birthday yet!   He's majorly into cars, guns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, puzzles....and trying to go on the potty.  He will do both on it, just not consistently.  Looking forward to the day he's out of diapers!!

But he does the sweetest 'I love you, Mommy' and 'I want you to snuggle with me' and he's really good about 'hey sister, do you want me to feed you?  Do you want to play? '  His little voice is so darn sweet. 

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