Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Buddies!

It was so amazing to find out last July a friend of mine was expecting.  And she was due just 2 weeks before me.  I truly was just as excited for her pregnancy as I was for mine!   She had her struggles (which I cannot even imagine), and I had mine, so it's like we really did know what we were each going through.  Plus it was a great way to keep each other in check during our pregnancies, we went to a bf class together, did a prenatal yoga class (where I vomitted), and were able to be great resources for each other.  She'd give me her updates from her appointments, and I would as well.   Here was my e-mail to her July 6, 2011...she had told me she was expecting and I was bursting at the seams.  So I had to tell her....

Well.....I have to tell you....I am 11 weeks today!  Total shock and still sinking in!  Back in April I went to Dr. Carnovale after 47 days without a cycle.  In January we had tried to do IVF w/max dose and didn’t all.  Nada, zip.   So he wanted to watch 3 natural cycles....well, didn’t know if I was ever going to freakin’ start again b/c the one thing I had going for me was ‘regular’ cycles but now it was 47 days.  So when I finally started my cycle April 10th, I went in on day 3 and my FSH levels were high and retested the Ovarian Reserve.  I did that test in Nov. and it was ‘normal’ but at the low end, well in April it was ‘below normal’ but near the high end.  So that was that.  Just going to not be on drugs and hopefully get back on a normal schedule.  Well, May 16th was 38 days since my last period.  So I took a pg test – totally expecting to see negative like usual- and was going to call the next day to tell them it was negative b/c they didn’t want me to go 47 days again.  So I took it and went and did laundry. B/c I know the outcome – it’s not something fun to do.  I take a test, it’s negative, then go on.   Well 20 minutes later I came back and it said ‘pregnant’ – and I looked around the bathroom like there for sure had to be a hidden camera.  I just kept looking at myself in the mirror like what is going on.  I asked Charlie dog if he had messed with it.  This wasn't right. I wasn’t even excited b/c I’m like great- freakin’ faulty test.  So I called Matt who was on his way home and told him to get another one, not digital, b/c this was obviously wrong.  Took it and it was positive.  So in disbelief we were like what?  So I called the Dr. the next day (May 17th) and told them but was completely like ‘obviously something isn’t right’ they did my beta and it was 130 – and anything over 100 was considered pregnant.  Told me to come repeat it on Thurs. (May 19th)  and be cautiously optimistic b/c it needed to double in order to be viable.  It came back 278 and they were like ‘congrats!’  Had my 1st ultra sound June 6th and just kept praying for a heartbeat.  We thought we were about 8 weeks but measured 6 wks 5 days and the heartbeat was 133 bpm.  So we were thrilled but still nervous b/c he didn’t know if the baby was growing properly or the date was off.  Went in the next week (June 13th) and measured 7 wks 5 days so changed my edd from Jan 15th to Jan. 25th.  However the heartbeat was only 99 bpm.  He was worried I was starting to miscarry (oh, and I had an awful backache).  So he scheduled me for Thursday and to be prepared to lose the baby.  But he left us with 'just pray.' We were devastated but still took away the hope that ‘wow, this happened! on our own!’.....Went in on Thurs. June 16th fully anticipating awful news and he stopped and just said ‘this is AWESOME’  baby’s heartbeat was back up (180 bpm!) and we were cleared!!   Went in to my regular OB/GYN June 23rd and was great- not considered high risk, can do normal things in moderation. But thankfully I have been so sick I just go home and rest!  Go back July 21st.  UGH!!  Seems so far away after going in 4 times in like 3 weeks! So it’s been quite the roller coaster.  Until this baby is born though, I just don’t know if it seems real.   I might have to get a cerclage as well b/c I had 2 LEEP surgeries and 3 other lap/hyst surgeries so they don’t know how competent my cervix will be.  But he’s monitoring me closely.  I too am not working out b/c I am sicker than a dog- but I’ll take it.  I vomit 3-4 x’s a day and come home and sleep.  Maybe I’ll get energy later, but now, I’m doing nothing.  And I’m ok with it!  I’m trying to make it the 21st to start telling everyone, we’ve told a handful of friends and our parents/siblings, but that’s it.  So if you can keep it a secret a little longer, I would appreciate it! 

I will keep you and baby in my prayers.  What an awesome miracle!!   And thank you for the prayers and keep them coming- you don’t know how much I appreciate them!!

So when you & I get feeling good, we honestly really need to get out and go for a walk / waddle (or eat!) J
I just cry everytime I read it - tears for the fear, tears for the joy, and tears for amazement that we both now have two healthy, sweet, cute, wonderful, and totally miraculous baby boys!! Her little man was born January 16th, we visited them in the hospital the day they were being discharged because I had an appointment. I remember holding him in my arms while my baby was in my belly and being blown away that soon, very soon, I would be holding a newborn in my arms. It seemed surreal. 
Only a few weeks old!
A few weeks later...
And now at 7 months-ish!!
So cute!  We love having playdates, which first consisted of naps & nursing, to pool time, now to crawling and a stroller ride around the neighborhood.  It's fun to see the interaction as they get older and become 'little people'.  Here's to many, many more playdates ahead and maybe future roomies at Purdue??? 


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