Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are family! I got all my cousins and me!

This little guy is such a joy!  Love his giggles, his funny faces- like this:

 He is really getting fast crawling/scooting all around.  Itsy-Bitsy Spider is a favorite song of his and he has a new CD of 'Luke' songs Grandma & Grandma brought him back from their trip.  He did GREAT at the Purdue game over Labor Day weekend - it was super humid- I think I was having a harder time with it than him.  But daddy, Emma, & Claire were there and those girls were great helpers.  Julie & Jason came at halftime to see him.  And he was all smiles. 

Most of the time....
We stayed until the 3rd quarter then headed to Oxford to see Ruby and Aunt Nicole.  Thankfully Purdue won- big time- so that was even better! 

And then we had a wonderful Labor Day with the Weaver cousins, we missed Trey, though!  We celebrated Ne-Ne's birthday at Aunt Chris & Uncle Dave' was a great day to celebrate. 
Love this pic with their cute lil faces!!
Reminds me of one we did early August for Great Grandma's 79th birthday- Luke looks a little scared of those Booth girls- who can blame him really??
Oh, man!!  Girls gone wild :)

The weekend after Labor Day went up to Great Grandma's for a cook-out with all the cousins! 
Great Grandma and all her Great-Grandchildren. And Luke and Great-Grandma!
 Good times had by all!! We hadn't been all together since Easter- way too long.

 Food has been going ok- had a little problem with the rice/apple/mango Gerber mix, still bf, he had a little fever last week so he left Pam's early and couldn't go on Friday, but was fine by the weekend.  Cheered on the Colts victory at Ian's -before he got sick :(   We will be starting boot camp 2 x's a week, so he'll be an extra hour at Pam's.   We have wedding season around the corner and fall- time is flying by.  I have seriously been thinking about *gulp* his first birthday already!!  When.did.this.happen?  I love to see him grow and change, but it makes me a little sad if he's the only one I 'get' :)  I am so thankful and lucky to have him so I'm trying to not worry about the maybes.   So we are going to enjoy every minute with him and our family and friends!

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