Friday, August 31, 2012

7 months did that happen!?

Broken record here, but amazed that he is 7 months old!!  To reach 7 months in my pregnancy took eternity.  With him here, these past 7 months have flown.  Seriously. 
We made some homemade squash from Nee-Nee and Pop-Pop's garden in the Baby Bullet.  He didn't really care for it.  But he devoured some baby food applesauce.  Mmm...  Still size 3 diapers, still bf, went to another Indians game for Meyer-Najem, going to his first Purdue game tomorrow (weather permitting- thanks a lot Hurricane Issac).  And just the past 2 days, has really started the army crawling and standing pretty solid.  Man! Look out!

Luke comes from the Latin name meaning 'light'.  And it's true, Luke is the light of our lives and I think of all the lives he has brought so much joy and light into!  Definitely. 

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