Friday, October 5, 2012

8 months old...time marches on!

Whoa, I am 8 months old!!!! 
  Hangin' on to Ele the Elephant!
Luke turned 8 months old September 28th.    He is soooo fun.  His little personality is really coming out.  He does this 'ah, shucks!' bashful head bury thing.  It's so cute.  He is full on crawling...and super fast.  He does a great job standing and has been looking like he's interested in pulling himself up.  Still bf and eating some baby food now and then. Still size 3 diapers.  Been going to bed 7:30 - 8 pm, usually wakes up around 1:00 am (sometimes 4 am, too) and then back to sleep until around 6 -7 am when we start getting ready for work.  Really a little wiggly worm when we go to change him now.  Claps his hands, says da-da-da-da-da.   Loves the dance monkey.  We have been going for walks and good runs in the BOB.  It's great.  We can walk for hours, but I can only run about 45 minutes max (thanks, bladder!).  And he does such a great job in it.  We all got our flu shots on Wednesday and we are all doing ok.   He really is such a happy, friendly little baby.  Ian and Sonia watched him for a couple of hours while we ran errands last Sunday (and visited our friend Amy & Trevor's new sweet baby boy Ethan born September 12th! Adorable.), Uncle Dave & Aunt Chris (and Tripp and Tagg) babysat him when we went to a wedding Saturday,  and Uncle Scotty & Aunt Laura watched him for a couple of hours recently too.  Luke and Daddy went up to Ne-Ne and Pop-Pop's the other night and hung out with them.  They all say he is such a good, easy boy and love to watch him!!  I'm hoping they aren't all lying to us :) Aahhh!! 
I took him out in the yard last Sunday to get some fall pictures and he wasn't really feeling it. But they still turned out pretty cute :)
Mmm....this leaf is delicious!
Oh, mommy, enough pictures please!
We have another action packed weekend ahead- Daddy is going to BINGO with the Weavers tonight and then Sara is watching Luke all day Saturday as we go to our good friend Tara's wedding downtown.   Looking forward to watching football tomorrow, too (before the wedding)  and hoping Purdue can beat Michigan!  Then next weekend I will be heading to Homecoming vs. Wisconsin and Luke is gonna stay with my parents during the game.  Then we have Halloween parties and Emma's birthday party at end of the month.  Such a big boy, such fun.  Just when I can't imagine loving him more or having more fun with him, I do.  And it is totally awesome.

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