Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

1. We had an awesome Father's Day!  We love Daddy very much! We went to Grandma & Grandpa's to celebrate with everyone.  Luke even "ran thru" the sprinkler to cool off on such a hot & humid day.  Actually, he just stood near it. But close enough.

2.  Baby Jacob James is here!!  We are beyond happy that baby boy Armstrong made it here safe & sound!!   We visited him at the hospital while Luke went to Uncle Dave & Aunt Chris'.   Totally in love with him already.

3.  We took Luke to the North Willow pool for the first time- and it was a lot of fun! He wasn't so sure about the life jacket at first, but he loved being in the water and splashing once he got used to it.  And he loved to watch the older kids jump off the diving board. Will he be a little swimmer like Daddy!?  Hope so!

4.  We went to Jalin's graduation party - where they had a photo booth and little kids for him to play with.  Then we went to Gretchen's party where he played with more little kiddies and he was a trooper!  Long day for him.

5.  Trey turned 15 and we went to the Carlyle's for his party.  Loved to see all the cousins but missed Aunt Laura & Raya. 

6.  Luke had a bit of the sniffles, poor buddy.  Snotty nose and a little cough, waking up and crying himself back to sleep.  But overall, still a happy boy.

7.  We are gearing up for a weekend in a cabin in Brown County with my family.  It's part of their 40th anniversary gift. Should be a lot of fun!!

8.  Matt's parents left for Spain where they will be doing a 75 mile pilgrimage.  Should be a great trip and can't to hear all about it when they come back. 

9.  Hard to believe but Ruby will be ONE years old next week!!!  What a sweetie and so glad Luke  has another cousin so close in age. 

10.  Thankful everyday for Luke and praying for another one to add to our family.  I've been trying to keep the faith as I have been in a little funk lately.  However if it is not in God's plan, we pray for the peace and understanding.  It took almost 5 years for Luke to come along and it's only been almost 17 months, right?  

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