Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Luke is 5!! ( a month a half ago!)

We just had Luke's 5 year check up last Friday March, 10. 
He's growing like a weed.  Each day he shows me glimpses of the sweet baby boy he was and the big happy handsome boy he will be. 

Weight:  42 lbs 3.2 oz                57%
Height:  44.25 inches                 72%
BMI:  15.2                                  42%

He grew over 3 1/2 inches! He's definitely a lean, skinny boy.  Not overly tall, but not short either.  He loves video games a little too much and is constantly making the 'boom boom' sounds.   He loves his sisters so much too.  Sometimes he's so great sharing with them and playing with them, then other times he gets easily frustrated because they won't do something, took his toy, etc.  Oh, the joy of the being a big brother to 2 little sisters.  He's going to have to get used to that :)  He's pretty good at pretty much everything but he is a very good artist and builder.  I love to see what he comes up with and what is going through that pretty little head of his.

Once he hears the doctor say something he does a good job of reminding me at home- remember Dr. Moore said I need to drink more water, mom.  Remember, I can't watch TV right before bed.  He is a very good rule-follower.  And such a people pleaser.  Good qualities to have!

Right now he's not excited about kindergarten (which round-up is next month- oh!!) but I'm sure he will change his tune closer to time.

Luke Russell Weaver- my sweet beautiful boy!!  These 5 years have been awesome and can't wait for all the fun that's ahead.  xoxoxox

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