Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's 2017!!

I don't know where the time is going. But it's going.  The girls are going to be THREE years old at the end of the month.  Luke turned FIVE years old end of January and now we are getting ready next month for Kindergarten round-up.  Doesn't seem possible.  But in other ways it's like they have all just always been here and at this point in our life it's the hardest.   You forget the newborn up all night phases because  they have been replaced with going down in big girl beds just to wake up @ 1:00 am with Vivian climbing into bed with you.  You forget how hard it was to get Luke potty trained but now going thru it with the girls, looking back it must have been so easy.

In January we celebrated at Pin Heads bowling and Luke had 5 little buddies to the party and the Weaver cousins.  It was a lot of fun.   Except the girls weren't in the best mood b/c that was the morning they decided to wake up super early.  Of course.  But loved the arcade and did a great job bowling.  We also celebrated by dad's and Luke's birthday with cupcakes at my parents' house.

February love was in the air!  I actually went to the Purdue game on Valentine's Day (and we are having a GREAT season so far) but had a twins Valentine's day party, party at school, lots of love and pink and sweetness filled the air.    We also hosted a couples/family baby shower for the Osbornes and it was a lot of people, a lot food, but mostly a lot of fun. 

March Madness is almost in full force already, and it's only day 2.  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Raymond James had a casino night for SA appreciation event and it was lots of fun.  Matt has basketball league on Wednesdays night.  Purdue, Pacers, good times. And this Saturday our first Weaver family game night hosting at our place.  Luke has his 5 year apt next Friday 3/10, on St. Patty's Day we are going to possibly go down to the parade, girls turn 3 the 31st and still planning their birthday.  Everyone is going to be gone on spring break around then, so it might just be Lemming side to celebrate.   Coming up on a year ago our spring break w/my parents and the Booths to Gulf Shores.  Hoping maybe something fun this year too before our Outer Banks trip with the Weavers in July. 

Working part-time has been great being able to spend time with them more and doing more fun stuff. Our favorites are still the Y, parks, and Conner Prairie.  Ready for consistently warm(er) weather and bike rides around the circle and our neighborhood!

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