Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What a trip!

We had a FABULOUS vacation!!! Michigan City was a blast.  Rough the first couple of nights getting into a new routine, but all in all, good stuff.

We went to the Washington Zoo, lots of runs/walks around MC, the house we stayed at & resort property was great, and of course, lots & lots of beach time.  He loved to play in the sand and to watch the sea gulls.  Also, the water was wonderful!  No fear.  We went to the Dunes, outlet mall, numerous trips to the skate park & playground, and the adults even got to go to the casino one night.   But I have to say cousin lovin' was the best.  Seeing Luke interact with them all was so much fun.  What a little guy!!
Man, I love that Trey Man!

And I swear, an explosion of words - including 'Sir, yes, Sir!'   Too cute!  But hearing 'no!' a lot more too.  Yikes. 

We took lots and lots of pictures.  Trying to go through them now and get a photo book put together.

We are thankful for the opportunity we had to spend with all the Weavers!!! Here's hoping this becomes an annual tradition. 

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