Thursday, May 2, 2013

15 months old!!

We just got back from Luke's 15 month appointment- and he's growing!

Weight: 24 lbs - 43%
Height:  31 1/4 inches - 55%
Head:     47.4 - 56%

I always like our appointments so we can talk w/the doctor and nurses and just make sure everything is ok.  We will go ahead with the urologist and get things done, he had 2 shots that he was more upset about before they actually poked him.  Then a long hug and a graham cracker made him all better!  Just need to get him to actually start saying some words besides 'uh-oh!' and 'oh no!'.  But he does like to babble. And he knows what you are saying and takes commands well.  Blows kisses and loves to run up to you and go 'up!'.   Such a sweetheart.

Great sleeper (yay!) and great eater!  He really pays attention to the outside noises and the cars going by when he's in the carseat. Still a wiggly worm when it comes to diaper & outfit changes. 

The Onesie says it all!
This picture was from last night on the porch.  He was sporting his Pacers wrist band as we watched them go up 3-2 in the Playoffs last night vs. Atlanta!  Game 6 on Friday.  Go Pacers!  
Play date tomorrow and Monday.  Weekend at my parents & with the Booths for an early Mother's Day.  Should be fun!  We've been having great weather.  We went to the park and had a picnic Tuesday night.  He loved to run around and see all the other kiddos.
Love this boy!

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