Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rock me momma like a wagon wheel

It's been awhile since I have updated  Luke is now 14 months old. What?   No way.  Way!

Lots of adventures - birthday parties, an ICE hockey game, lots of runs and walks with mommy,  his 2nd Easter including a visit with the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt in BR, playing at the park, trip to the Children's Museum, and so much more.  And best of all we are very excited that finally he is sleeping through the night!! Thank goodness.  I was becoming concerned that he just wouldn't get it. 

Recently we had a stomach bug that caused a fever & tummy issues for a couple of days for him, then mommy, then daddy.  Yuck.  But even at his sickest he's still sweet as can be. 

Look how much we have grown....his little egg was as big as him last year!  Now look at it!
Mom, why did you do this to me??  Bunny Ears??
Easter 2012
A Bow-tie?  Oh, Mommy why?
Easter 2013

I cannot get over him.  He's so darn cute and sweet!  But when he gets mad, watch out! He's very into his graham crackers, and if you aren't quick enough it's not good.  And he's quite the eater.  Actually more like a rapid fire shoveler.  He is a good eater, except it scares me everytime how fast he eats.  Likes pretty much everything.  And did great transitioning from bottle to sippy cup.   He is no longer nursing at night, right after he turned 14 months, he was just done. And we've both been fine.

His hair is coming in as well....some days it is curlier than others.....

And look at this boy....awwwww.... I moose have a hug is right!! And yes, he is wearing Crocks.  Daddy picked them out for him and loves them. 
We went to the urologist and have some things to discuss and have his 15 month appointment in a couple of weeks.  Curious how big he is getting.  His belly gets BIG at night.   But he seems to be doing well and is healthy over all.  Only 2 earaches and this darn stomach bug, which all the kids at daycare (and their parents) had at some point! So all in all, not too bad. 
He blows kisses and says  'uh-oh' and 'oh, no!' He shakes his head yes or no and really does a lot of blabbing but no real words yet.  But when he grunts and points to something it is totally him saying  'I want this'  and he loves to sing and clap with me in the car.  Especially Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel (yes, the rip off of Old Crowe Medicine Show).  We dance and sing to it whenever we can and when we aren't doing that, he's usually chilling.  In his Purdue shoes.  With a veggie straw. 
He's in his big boy car seat, still rear facing in my car, front facing in daddy's truck.  And he is fine so far either way. 
Books are still pretty much his favorite toys.  He loves to read, play with his DJ ball and work bench, and is becoming more and more aware of the iphone and ipad.  Yikes.  Loves bubbles and balls.  He got a basketball hoop for Easter and he's getting the hang of that.  Aw, just in time for the Pacers playoffs!
Luke has some more baby friends on the way with Baby Beebs, Boe #3, a and lil Mountainmaker all within the next few weeks!  We couldn't be happier!  
And to quote another fave Elvis song : I'm lovin' my baby...hey, hey, and my baby loves me!

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