Friday, July 13, 2012


This week has been hard.  But Luke is so darn cute and sweet that makes it ok- but he is definitely teething!!  Chomping on everything and not sleeping well at night- up almost every 2 hours and not to eat!!  Just rock him and then when he is almost out and down in his crib he wakes up and cries, cries, cries.  Even Daddy has been getting in on the action which leaves us both so tired.  I guess that's what Mountain Dew is for ;)
But he rolls over effortlessly, loves his exersaucer (thanks cousin Raya!), and looking at Charlie dog!
And I thought my supply was diminishing so I have had a beer the past couple of nights and that is doing the trick.  Just wish I enjoyed the taste of it.  Yuck. But I'll do it.  My goal now is to make it to his 6 month appt. August 8th.  Think next week will try Oatmeal instead. 
Will also try to feed him Rice Cereal again.  We tried on the 4th of July and thought he did pretty well.  Except 2 hours later when he was in bed, I check on him right as he was gagging it up.  Covered in it. Ugh, poor baby.  So haven't tried it since!!
We will get through this...looking forward to the weekend!!  TGIF!

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