Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

1.  We have lots and lots to be thankful for, but we found out that this spring we will be doubly blessed.  2 little Baby Weavers are growing in my belly!

2.  Luke continues to be a happy, independent, sweet boy.  And no is still a fave word.  If he doesn't want to do something, just leave him alone. 

3.  When he says 'mom!' or 'momma' it's the sweetest sound ever.

4.  He discovered the joys of coloring. And loves his bucket and collecting things.

5.  We have a little tykes slide in our living room now (will go outside when it gets warm again) and he loves sliding on it.  Wheee!!!

6.  His little Purdue chair is a fave.  He'll get his sippy cup and gold fish and take a load off.

7.   When you ask Luke if he wants a baby brother or a baby sister (or maybe he'll get both) he's been saying sister.  But not quite sure he understands what is going on. He sees my rapidly expanding belly and I tell him I have 2 babies in there and he usually says 'no!'. 

8.  If he falls / bumps himself, he gets the sweetest, most pitiful face and says 'ouch, hurts!' then runs over for a kiss and hug.  Which he then follows with 'better!'.   Hugs and kisses really do make everything better!  He did go through the phase of no matter what was hurt  he would say 'oh, my back!' holding onto his back (my back was out for a bit so I must have said that alot).  But a hug and kiss still fixes it. 

9.   LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He really interacts with it (Hi Mickey!  Donald!  Daisy!)  and is so excited when he's on.  Sophia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are ok with him, too.  But Mickey is his fave. 

10.  He's been trying to sing a lot in the car lately and if there is a song on the radio he does not like he says 'no, not that song!' and makes me flip it until I find one he likes or I just put it on sports radio and he's ok. 
A selfie- he did good!

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