Thursday, August 8, 2013

18 months old!

18 and life You got it
18 and life you know
Your crime is time and it's
18 and life to go
-Skid Row

I love that song and have been singing it to myself ever since Luke turned 18 months old July 28th!
Yep, I love blueberries!

I think he is reaching 'the terrible twos' or just the fact he really has an opinion on things!

'Nooooo!' or a quick 'no!' are probably the most heard expressions in our house that comes out of his sweet mouth.  However, he just likes to say it and he usually means yes.  Are you hungry?  'No!' Real sweet and real quick, then he askes for a 'breakfast bar.'  So he's trying to get the hang of it.

Also, he HATES to change his clothes (either take them off or put them on) and still will hardly let you change his diaper.

We had his 18 month check up Friday 08/02 - he was a little more clingy than usual and lots of tears with even the simple things of letting her check his ears and heart.  Holding him down for his shots was bad too, but once he got them, he was fine.  He really liked the bandaids!  He is right on target for everything (words, skills, etc.) so that's always great to hear.

Weight:  25 lbs - 41%
Length:  33 inches - 70%
Head:     49 cm - 81%

Was really surprised how 'little' his weight was because I feel like that boy eats constantly.  But he is a busy little body who loves to run, run, run.  He's started kicking the soccer ball more and really playing with his train and cars.   Loves his blueberries and getting home and sitting/laying on the kitchen floor to eat them.  Where did he learn that? 

I'm silly!

We had the Lemming Christmas in July in August (08/03) softball game and he was great!  He played with Carter (who's 3) & Ruby, picked up apples, ran around, kicked the ball, and just was a good little buddy.  Then headed to the Indians' game that night with Meyer Najem.  We didn't get to hang out with Brady as much as we hoped.  He really was 'paying attention' to the game and would get excited and clap.  It was so cute to see him and to think last year he was just in the stroller or our laps the whole time!   

Go Indians!!

The next day went to Ian & Sonia's Lakehouse where he played with Evan, swam in relaxation station, and took a good 2 hour nap!  We even stopped at the Dairy Barn on the way home and he got a nice treat.  He makes the funniest faces when he has ice's cold!

Tuesday 08/06 we took a half day to take Luke to the Indiana State Fair.  It was humid, but he was good. Wanted to be out and about a lot.  He got to pet baby calves, that was the cutest!  It was National Night Out as well so after the fair we did some BR events- he even got interviewed on Fox59 news (ok, so maybe it was Daddy, but he was holding Luke).  :)

Can't believe the summer is coming to a close.  I feel like we did lots of fun stuff this summer!  And I hope Luke agrees.  Soon it will be football season....bring it on!

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