Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Almost a year old....

We had first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, turned 11 months old, then had a first New Years!  Oh,  what fun it has been!  We also had a first ear infection, not so much fun.  But I noticed around Christmas he was just wasn't the same but I was thinking it had more to do with his front teeth trying to poke through.  Well, we took him to the dr. the day after New Year's Day and lo and behold, it was an ear infection.  Amoxicillion for 10 days  twice a day, and it's been doing the trick. 
Still not walking, but man he cruises around, crawls so fast, and does this half walk/half crawl scoot.  And when he tries to sit himself down, he does it very cautiously, not an awkward plop! He loves to eat now.  He tries to grab what we eat.  Veggie straws, yogurt, puffs, waffles are his favorites.  
I love bathtime!!
Yep, 11 months old.  Wanna play?

Slowly but surely is my hair coming in!

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