Wednesday, November 7, 2012

9 months old!

Well, Luke has officially been out of my belly as long as he was in it!  He turned 9 months old on Sunday, Oct. 28th and it was on a Colts game day- Go Horse! was cold out, so I'll just lay down.

I mean, I love these leaves!

What a pumpkin face!

Weight:  21.4 lbs -        61%
Height:   29 inches -     71%
Head:     46.4 cm -        77%

He had his 9 month appointment on Election Day 11/06/2012 and it went well (not the election, in my opinion, though)!  He is still bf, in size 3 diapers, pulls himself up, stands on his own, he cruises along the furniture/coffee table, crawls fast all over the place, da-da, ga-ga, still no ma-ma :(  But he babbles. Alot.  He does love to crawl as fast as he can away from me and plays 'momma gonna get you'.  Claps his hands, eats puffs and baby food pretty well.  Loves to try to eat leaves.  Great in the stroller on our runs, but getting a little wiggly to put in the carseat.  And SUPER squirmy when changing his didey and clothes.  I mean, super.  Still about 7:30 pm down to sleep and wakes up once a night, trying to break him of that, then back to sleep until we get up.  Oh, and a tooth FINALLY kinda, sorta poked through! I can feel it. Yay- so he won't be toothless!!  But then that means he is really getting to be a big boy.   We have so much fun in the car on the way home from daycare- we sing, we clap, we blab, or sometimes we just sleep (not me, just Luke) and zone out while listening to country music. Ah, that's my boy!
 Everyday is a milestone, everyday is an adventure, everyday I can't wait to wake up and kiss on him and then get him home to snuggle on him!! We say our prayers everyday thanking God for him and blessing our family and I let him know what Luke means to me.  We had the LUKE banner over his changing table when he was a baby (and when he would just lay there)and everyday would tell him L is for Love. Mommy & daddy and so many people love you so much.  U is for Unique. There is only one you.  K is for Kind.  Mommy wants you to be a kind, sweet boy. E is for Extraordinary.  You can do anything in the world you want to.  Now it's replaced with the ABC quilt and we do the Z is for Zebra that we will see at the Zoo, E is for the Elephant, etc.  As long as he is safe, loved, and growing, that's all I ask for.  For now.  Then when he gets older, maybe be a doctor or something :) 

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